I have been so pleased with the science experiments that A.C.E. has included in the 3rd and 6th grade science Paces (workbooks). Lauren has done several projects that I have not been able to share here. I was able to purchase some litmus paper for her to test various acids and bases. She has loved that! I have found her testing many different things, and even mixing things together to see what result she gets.

Another project was taking baking soda and placing it in a cup. Then, pour vinegar over it. While it bubbled up, strike a match over the cup. The match is extinguished because the mixture in the cup produces carbon. Without oxygen, a flame cannot burn! Isn’t that neat-O?! I thought so! I have really enjoyed helping the kids do these little projects.

This week, Lauren did an experiment to show how salt makes it easier for items to float in water.

First, you stir in three large spoonsful of salt into a glass of water until salt is dissolved.
Next, place an egg into the mixture. Observe – it floats!
Next, slowly pour in fresh water.
Tada! The egg is staying on top of the salt water, not on top of the fresh water! We see it’s easier for things to float in salt water rather than fresh water. We discussed the Dead Sea and how easy it would be to swim or float in it due to the massive amount of salt it has!
Mitchell’s PACE is all about plants and seeds. His project is to plant some bean seeds (we used kidney beans) in a clean plastic container. We were told to line the container in cotton, place the beans on the cotton, and then place more cotton over the beans.
Yes, our beans are under that little blanket of white. 🙂
Next, we placed it in a sunny window. He is supposed to check it each day and keep the cotton moist. We are going to see how long it takes the little beans to sprout. 🙂
I know you’re sitting on the edge of your seats waiting to see what happens next! Never fear, I’ll keep you posted!


One thought on “Salt and Seeds

  1. Anonymous says:

    Every year I taught kindergarten we grew pinto beans in cotton. The kids LOVED it!!!



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