This past summer, I decided to do my own summer reading program with the kids. For each book they read, or had read to them, I made a butterfly to put up around the ceiling of our school room. Okay, I didn’t “make” the actual butterflies, I bought some die cuts at a bookstore and wrote the title, author, and the name of the child who read, or listened to, the book on it and then taped it on the wall. Lauren and Mitchell read their own books and I read aloud to Leslie and Laci. We finally made it around the room about a month ago. (Sorry for not posting this sooner!)

Below are the photos from around the room!

Aaaaaannnnndd…(drumroll please) Behold! The last butterfly!!!

We have a grand total of 93 butterflies fluttering around our school room! We would have had even more, but I didn’t buy enough! We are now doing the Pizza Hut Book It program, another great incentive to get kids reading. Of course, reading is its own reward, but it doesn’t hurt to add more to it. We need to take the butterflies down now that autumn is here, but we enjoy the color they add to our room so much, we hate to do it!

I can’t believe summer is already over! It’s been a wonderful summer of reading many wonderful books.

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