On September 19, our church celebrated 36 years of Gospel ministry in our town! What a blessing! My husband invited Bro. Austin Missey, the church’s pastor from 1992-2007, to come and preach to us all day. We also had a wonderful meal at church and some great fellowship. Folks came from all around the city to hear Bro. Missey. He is very well known in our area as being a loving and hard working man. We are blessed to follow in his footsteps. I thought I’d share a couple of photos of the day. I apologize for not taking more pictures, but photography had to take second to looking after my five kiddos during a very busy Sunday! 🙂

A few folks eating their meal.
Austin Missey with Terry. 
Bro. Missey is now pastoring in northeast Arkansas. He and his wife, Sharon, were such a blessing to our church. I’m so grateful we got to see them and fellowship with them, and I know the people he served here loved seeing him as well! 🙂


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