While recently considering the Christmas story from Luke 2, I began to put myself in the place of Mary. What would it have been like to be the mother of the Savior of the world? Of course, I’ll never know, but it was fun to think about it. I thought I’d share my musings here. The Bible becomes very much alive when we place ourselves in the stories we read; after all, they really happened! So please, do not consider the following to be anything more than my own imagination! Thank you. 🙂

I am still very much in shock over the events of yesterday. It began as a normal day. I was preparing some bread, and doing many other mundane tasks, when I looked up to behold a man all made of light! I nearly fell down at the sight of him. He greeted me and went on to tell me that I would be the mother of the Messiah! Me?! I could scarcely take it all in. I asked him, how could this be? I have kept myself for Joseph, so there is no way that I could be a mother! The angel said that the Holy Ghost would overshadow me and this child would be of God. He said I would call him “Jesus”. I feel irreverent to even write about such things… I can’t tell anyone, for no one would believe that a poor woman such as myself would be chosen to be the one to bare the Messiah. And I completely understand their feelings! I, too, expected him to be born of a princess in a grand palace or temple! I am nothing but a home maker; a peasant. What would my God want with me?

The angel also informed me that my cousin, Elisabeth, is expecting a baby! I was so happy to hear this since she has been barren for so many years. I feel that I can trust her with my news. I am packing to go to see her tomorrow. Of course, I must tell Joseph about all of this. I am afraid that he will think I’ve been unfaithful to him, but I’ve decided I cannot help what he thinks. He might even think I’m crazy! I told the angel that I am the Lord’s handmaid, for Him to use as He wishes. I will trust my God, even though I still feel like this must be a dream! 

I have made it to Elisabeth’s house. I told Joseph the news before I left. He looked at me with love and said he understood, but yet, he seemed so sad. I am thinking that he is doubting me and my love for him. I have saved myself for him alone, and I am hoping he believes me. This reality – of being with child and not married – is sinking in. Joseph has put me away, for fear the Pharisees would have me stoned. He loves me so much. He is not the type to become angry, but I know he is doubting me. I will trust God.

I am glad that I will be with Elisabeth when her time comes. I want to know what to expect when my time arrives. She told me that when I saw her that her baby leaped inside of her! She knew that I had been told I’ll be the mother of our long awaited Messiah. That confirmed in my heart that all of this was real – believe me, at times, I wonder if I dreamed it all! 

I hope Joseph will be more relaxed. He hasn’t been himself lately. I am fearing that he is considering breaking off our engagement. I am reminding myself to trust God.

Elisabeth’s baby arrived! He is so beautiful! Rosy, chubby cheeks and such a sweet smell! I am starting to get very excited about holding my own bundle. The Lord is constantly showing Himself real to me in all of this. I am ashamed that I’ve doubted Him – but, I am just a lowly handmaiden. I am being trusted with the most precious treasure on earth – more valuable than gold! I am scared at times but when those times come, I remind myself that He is with me – literally! I can’t wait to feel him kick for the first time!

I am nearing my time to be delivered and I’m so very excited! I have not been sick, as many women are. I take this as another blessing from my Father’s hand and a reminder that He is with me. Joseph has married me, despite my condition, but we have not been together as man and wife. He is treating me as a “holy” vessel, until our baby arrives. He told me that an angel appeared to him and told him that this baby was the promised one. I was right to trust God! My Lord is watching out for me.

Joseph has taken such good care of me. I know the whispers about us have bothered him, but he, too, is trusting God in all of this. 

We just received word that everyone has been summoned back to their homelands to be taxed. Joseph doesn’t want to leave me behind since I am so very near to my time. I don’t want to be alone, either. I’m starting to get nervous. Most of my friends have forsaken me. Some of them believe that I have played the harlot on Joseph, others think Joseph and I have been with one another. It has hurt both of us deeply, but it’s been very revealing of who my true friends are. God is using this to teach me that I must rely upon Him alone for help, comfort, and strength. He has given me my wonderful husband, and that is enough. 

I gave birth to my wonderful baby boy while we were in Bethlehem! I felt quite forsaken when we got to Bethlehem and discovered that the inn was full. We might have been able to get something if we’d had more money to offer the innkeeper. Tears started to well up in my eyes and I began to feel sorry for myself when the pains came upon me. Suddenly, I didn’t care about where I’d sleep for the night! There was only one thing on my mind – my baby, my Saviour!  He arrived without any problems, and I wondered why I had been afraid? When I held him for the first time, I shed tears of joy. It didn’t matter that I was in a stable, or that we didn’t have a room. My baby was here! I couldn’t stop smiling! Joseph found a manger and placed clean hay in it to give our Jesus a bed so I could rest. Some very kind shepherds came over to visit us. I think they were in shock from seeing a host of angels light up the night sky, announcing our Messiah’s arrival. (We understood how they felt!) It was a blessing to have some company. We were so joyful, and yet had no one to share it with! Once again, God blessed me. I am looking forward to watching my son grow in the things of the Lord. I’ve been telling Him everyday how thankful I am that He has come, and how blessed I am to be chosen as His mother.  I’m in love with my baby, I’m in love with my Messiah.  

 So glad He came,

5 thoughts on “Mary for a Day

  1. Julie says:

    Wishing you God's best during this special season!


  2. Thank you, Julie! I wish you the same. 🙂


  3. Sonja says:

    That was beautifully written, Valerie! I wish I could write that well! Hope you & your family have a blessed holiday season! I enjoy reading your blog!


  4. Thank you so much, Sonja! It's good to hear from you! Merry Christmas to you all. 🙂


  5. Anonymous says:

    I enjoyed your imaginations about Mary. You are a good writer.
    I love you.


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