On January 2, 1998, I married my best friend. I gave him my heart over 13 years ago, and he has cared for it meticulously ever since. He has sacrificed for me, protected me, listened to me, cared for me when I’ve been sick, cherished me and made me laugh. He has held me during my darkest hours, like when my Dad died, and during many other valleys that no one else even knows about. He has prayed many prayers with me. He has instructed me in God’s Word. He has provided for me, and our five children, better than we deserve. He has been a far better husband to me than I have been a wife to him, but I am constantly trying to be better.

For a Christmas/anniversary gift, I bought him the above wedding band. He lost his original wedding band after only 2 years of marriage on a fishing trip. I’d been meaning to replace it for years, but there always seemed to be some more important need. After all, one doesn’t have to have a wedding band to live. I am so thankful that the Lord has blessed us financially this year so that we could purchase this luxury item.

The greatest gift I have been given outside of my salvation, is my husband. He is my soul mate. To imagine a life without him grieves me in a way I cannot explain. I’m so grateful that he worked so hard to win me. I’m so glad that I was worth it to him. To read more about our story, click HERE.

Happy anniversary, Darling! I love you!


2 thoughts on “My Wedding Anniversary

  1. Happy Anniversary! How wonderful to be able to buy a ring to place back on his finger.


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