Whenever there are problems in my life which I cannot control, I find that Satan wants to keep my mind on those problems. He wants me to worry about them! And guess what? I find myself wanting to dwell upon those problems. I rehearse them over and over, even though I know full well that I cannot fix them. I caught myself doing this recently, so I decided I needed a project to work on. Of course, cooking, cleaning, home schooling, blogging, laundry, etc. is always present in my life, but I find that I can do many of these tasks without really having to think about it! I needed something else to focus on. I didn’t have to look far to find something. My house is filled to the brim with activity 24/7, and with that activity comes clutter and dust! 

I noticed a while back that my kitchen cabinets were looking kinda…dingy. I found some cleaner at the store that said it was good for cabinets. I dug out a good old rag (good and old? Yes, somehow, it fits both of these adjectives!) and got to work! It felt good to attack the dust that had been sitting for there for —- too long! 

{click to enlarge}

Can you see the difference in the photos? We certainly noticed it in real life! 🙂 This cleaner smelled like oranges, so it made everything smell so clean! Before I cleaned the lower cabinets, I went over them with a wet sponge to remove grime. I was shocked at how dirty they had gotten! It felt so good to see them shine. And it did, in fact, keep my mind and hands very busy!

Yesterday, my sweet little Matthew started getting sick. 😦 After a very sleepless night last night, I knew he must be ill. Sure enough, he has a double ear infection. A trip to the doctor’s office and pharmacy (which took four hours total), kept me busy today. I am writing this while holding him upright so he can get some rest. He hasn’t been sleeping and I’m exhausted. I am hoping that the antibiotics and pain medicine will work soon so he can feel better – and I can sleep. 🙂

 Playing with a blanket and not feeling too well. 
My sweet, sick boy. You can see by his eyes that he’s not up to par. 
I am so grateful for doctors and modern medicine. I was able to get him right in to see our pediatrician and got his prescription filled at a drive through pharmacy in about five minutes! I am so thankful we were not away from home and that the weather was not bad – as it could easily be this time of year. We had no trouble! God is so good, even during the valleys and trials of life.

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