I just wanted to share a few photos and a little video of my youngest kids enjoying the Math-U-See math manipulatives, aka, blocks! This is our first experience with this curriculum and so far, we give it 2 thumbs up! 
Even my 7 month old joined in the fun! haha!

 Enjoying play time/ learning time. 🙂

 Smile and say “Quadratic Equation!”  😉

Okay, this is more play time than actual school time, but I say it still counts as learning. 🙂

 Matthew says, “Hmm, what’s this?”
 “Yep, they make noise when I smack ’em together.”

“They make good drumsticks, too!”

“And they even pass the “feels good to my gums” test! These are keepers!” 

He was playing so sweetly with them, I just had to try to get a short video of the moment. And, no, I didn’t let him have the itty-bitty ones! 🙂

Starting to *finally* love teaching math,

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