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Lessons from the Beauty Salon

I was just sitting here, looking at facebook, goofing off, and thinking. (Didn’t know I could do four things at once, didya? Weeeelll…I don’t like to brag.) As I was sitting here, I realized that it’s almost time to get my hair highlighted. Yep. I used to be a natural blond, but now I’m a blond from a bottle. I really don’t know why I keep highlighting it. I guess it’s because I’m insecure. Sorry, I digress. Thinking about the beauty salon reminded me of a time many moons ago, when I was about seventeen….

Dream sequence, picture that blurry, swirly image like in the movies. What? I know this isn’t a movie! Just bear with me! 🙂

I was sitting in the beauty salon chair at age seventeen. I was desperately wanting some guy to like me. In my desperation for romance, I decided to ask my hair dresser for beauty advice.

“Can you tell me how I could improve my make up?” I asked her. I’d been going to her for several years, so I trusted her opinion.

“Well, you look pretty good. Your face is a long oval shape. Your eyes are little too close together, but….”
What? Did she just say my eyes were too close together? HUH? Oh NO!!!! No wonder I never had a date! My eyes are too close together! I started looking in the mirror, panicking inside. She went on to say more but I didn’t hear any of it. I was worrying about my eyes.

This incident is funny to me now. I asked for her advice, and she, as a beauty expert, gave it. However, I didn’t exactly want what I got. I wanted tips on using eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, and so forth.  I did not want to hear the truth about my looks. Today, some...number…of years later, I can see several lessons for life from this experience.

1. Be careful about asking for advice, you just might get some!

2. Be careful when giving others advice, even if they ask. Be gentle, be positive. Especially when dealing with a teenager. Remember Proverbs 16:21b …the sweetness of the lips increaseth learning.

3. There is no such thing as perfect beauty. Every woman alive would like to change something about themselves, for me, as you all know now, it’s my eyes. But hey, I can’t change them. I want to be happy with who I am.  I can only take care of what I’ve got so I’ll feel my best. I am only alive to serve, so when I get depressed about my eyes, I need to just get busy thinking about others.

4. You may say ten positive things and only one negative thing to a person, but they will only remember the one negative. I am sure my stylist gave me some great tips on make up. But I only remember one thing she said that day.

I am so thankful that the Lord loves me in spite of my outward and inward flaws. He sees everything, and He loves me anyway. He loves me so much, that he gave me a wonderful man who actually likes my eyes! Isn’t He wonderful?


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