I thought I would post of a few of my favorite things today. Not because I “love” my possessions, but rather because I feel that I often take my belongings for granted. I fail to thank God for the little things. I don’t say “Thank you, Lord, for hot water.” I take hot water for granted. There are people in foreign countries that do not enjoy hot water, or even running water (forgive me for not using the old “running down to the crick to fetch it” joke…wait…I think I just did! Oh well.).I am so blessed with thousands of things that many the world over do not enjoy. 

So, here are the things for which I’m thankful, in no particular order. These are the things that I enjoy; my favorite things. 🙂

1. Thick, warm socks on a cold morning.
2. My homemade hot cocoa mix.
3. Coffee Mate French Vanilla Creamer
4. Folgers Coffee (with above creamer)
5.Jiff peanut butter
6. Wal-Mart only minutes away.
7. Hot shower on a cold night.
8. Using new CRAYOLA crayons. (Yes, I like to color.)
9. Access to the WORLD WIDE WEB! Yeah, baby! haha!
10. Johnson & Johnson’s baby lotion
11. The color purple…the actual color, not the movie. 😉
12. The library.
13. Warm, furry throw blankets.
14. Hershey’s Pot of Gold candy.
15. The smell of a new Bible. (Which I enjoy about once every 3 years when I replace a Bible.)
16. Looking through homeschool magazines and catalogs.
17. Olive Garden
18. Reading aloud to my children.
19. Exercising – what a blessing to be able to move my body! Something I take for granted often.
20. Reading books and internet articles.
21. Dippin’ Dots ice cream – isn’t it neat-o?
22. Visiting historical sites, especially those relating to past presidents.
23. Eating lunch with my hubby.
24. Hearing my hubby preach.
25. Writing on a chalk board.
26. The satisfaction of removing a stain from the carpet.
27. Mowing the yard and the smell of freshly cut grass.
28. Writing my day’s accomplishments on a calendar.
29. Planning birthday parties.
30. Making cute cakes for birthday parties.
31. The thrill that comes from seeing God answer my prayers.
32. Visiting my Uncles’ farm (formerly my Grandparents’ farm).
33. Hugging my sister.
34. Standing on the hollowed ground at my Dad’s grave, knowing that I weep only for a season; I will see him again.
35. Writing – trying to get the words right. Trying to make my life sound interesting on the page. 😉
36. The way my husband looks in a shirt and tie.
37. The way my Mom always lets me pick out the restaurant we eat at when I join her for lunch.
38. The fact that my Mom can diagnose learning disabilities. I think that’s cool.
39. Making my Mom and sister laugh.
40. Chocolate.
41. Wendy’s hamburgers.
42. Subway sandwiches.
43. Christmas.
44. My birthday (it’s good to be alive!)
45 Talking to friends.
46. Meeting new missionaries and seeing familiar ones!
47. When my kids come up and hug and kiss me for no special reason.
48. Seeing my children demonstrate Christian character traits (This one should be first! There’s no greater joy!)
49. Hearing my children read and seeing them write.
50. Warm chocolate chip cookies with ice cold milk.
51. Singing! Fa la la la la laaaaaa!!!! 🙂
52. The joy that comes from doing right, especially when it was hard to do.
53. Hearing my babies laugh.
54. Meeting a need for someone.
55. The smell of honeysuckle.
56. A full moon on a clear night.
57. Snow – when I’m blessed enough to see it.
58. The sound of rain falling on the roof.
59. Seeing a cluttered space be restored to order. It’s a comfort. haha!
60. Tucking my kiddos in bed each night and going to bed knowing that for now, they are all under one roof.

I could go on and on, but I need to stop and tend to my little ones. I think I’ll go give them a hug!

Thank you, Lord, for your blessings on me.


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