Recently, I caught myself grumbling. More inwardly than outwardly. Thoughts like, “I’m so tired of changing diapers!” and “I hate making menus and cleaning floors. Ugh…I really hate cleaning bathrooms!” I had grown weary of the mundane duties of life as a wife and mom.

Grumble, mumble, grumble…

Then, as I was changing my 50th diaper of the day, I felt the Holy Spirit’s conviction within me. “How can you complain in your mind about the needs of this baby, for whom you prayed? Would you rather be in the hospital emergency room trying to find out why your little one is constipated and screaming in pain? Why do you complain in your mind about cleaning your home? God has given you a wonderful place to live! So many go without! Missionaries would call your home a mansion compared to the homes they live in and visit!”

It didn’t take long for me to feel humbled and repent of my selfish thinking! I was, and am, so ashamed of myself.

The next time I had to change a diaper, I thanked the Lord for my little one’s healthy digestion! haha! I didn’t complain, even in thought. When it was time to cook supper again, I thanked God for the food we had. When I have to clean bathrooms, I thank Him for running water and proper sewage! When it is time to clean floors, I thank the Lord that I have not lost my home due to an earthquake or tsunami, as thousands have in Japan. When I see the muddy footprints across the clean floor, I thank the Lord for the 8 little muddy feet that pitter-patter through my home. Before I know it, these days will just be a memory. I’m so thankful for these precious ones who call me “Mom”.

It’s amazing how easy it is to praise the Lord, when I look for the good on purpose. I’m doing my best to turn the “mundane” into “marvelous”. I guess you could say it’s all in my head! 😉


2 thoughts on “Blessing or Burden?

  1. Anonymous says:

    love you! and yur blog looks so awesome!


  2. Anonymous says:

    We all need that reminder to adjust our attitudes. It is so very easy to slip into a negative-thinking mode. Thanks for a good reminder!


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