I’d like to thank those of you who tried to help me on facebook. I read that there are some issues that Blogger is trying to fix regarding difficulty in commenting. If you’ve tried to comment, but couldn’t, it might be due to Blogger’s issues.

As for my problem with the blank posts, I searched and searched and finally found out that I must have deleted some code while tweaking and playing with my blog. Bum-mer! I had no idea where I went wrong, so I had to start over. I can’t remember exactly what colors or fonts I used on some elements, so I just changed it up. If you see any problems, would you please comment or contact me? I’d really appreciate it. Now…I must go get some housework done!

And to think this is my hobby?? Sheesh. 

Thank you for reading!!!

One thought on “I Think I’m Back

  1. It looks good on my end and I am able to leave a comment now 🙂 Woo Hoo!


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