I was looking for some information in my files on the computer and found this poem I wrote in 2005. Is it a coincidence that I found it, just when I needed to be encouraged? No, it certainly wasn’t.

I was going through a very hard time back in 2005. We were not full time in the ministry, even though we were trying very hard to be so. My Dad had died suddenly the previous summer. I was expecting my third child. Our car needed repairs. We lived in a slum neighborhood. We nearly got evicted from said slum neighborhood. Yes, it was a hard time. I’m so happy to report that God was faithful! He did in fact, see us through! Praise the Lord!

Today, our circumstances are better, but we still battle the flesh and the devil like always. I often get weary and worn. What a blessing to be reminded (by myself, isn’t that weird?) that I am forever loved by my Father.

And guess what?! You are, too. 🙂

My Father’s Love
By Valerie Courtney Basham

I said a prayer for Mom today,
For Dixie and Melanie.
I asked for grace in this new day
As I bent upon the knee.

I prayed for Mitchell’s croupy cough;
For Daniel’s broken leg.
I knew that Brian was laid off,
Oh, help them, Father, I beg!

And, my problems are great, too, O Lord,
My family needs your hand
To see us through by Your own word;
To lead us through this land.

“What can I do?” I cry in fear,
“I guess I’m just no good!”
He gently whispers in my ear
“Are you trusting like you should?”

“I’m here, my child so dear,
To still your every qualm.
I see each and every tear,
And you saw me in the Psalm.”

“I brought down manna from the sky,
I carried Esther through,
I placed David up on high…
I could do it for you, too.”

“It might not be as bold and bright
As a fiery furnace may,
But I’ll send the sun to be your light,
And I’ll get you through today.”

“Each and every star you see,
Surely you must know,
They’re mine – each one came from me,
My love for you to show.”

“And yet my love is so immense
That I still had more to give!
I gave my Son to be spent
That forever you might live.

“Oh, yes, Lord, You are right,
I’ll keep my eyes above.
I will walk within Your light,
And rest in Your great love!”


2 thoughts on “My Father’s Love

  1. Miss Linda says:

    These were such uplifting words. Thank you for sharing them.


  2. Julie Fink says:

    What sweet words. And your blog looks so adorable! Hope all is well. Love, Julie Fink


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