About a year ago, I was purchasing some books for my husband on Christian Book Distributors’ website. Once I had found the ones he had requested, I decided to do a bit of looking for...ahem...myself. 🙂 I found several books in which I had been interested covering various home schooling topics. On the “other customers bought…” section I found the above title mentioned.

“Hmmm. I think I’ll get  that.” I said. And, since I agreed with myself, I clicked “add to cart”. It arrived a few days later. I wanted to post this review about it, so that any other homeschooling Mom might read it and be encouraged.

Once I picked it up, I couldn’t put it down.  The author, Todd Wilson, is writing from a homeschooling Dad’s point of view. He writes with loving compassion towards his own wife, who has experienced the same feelings of failure and despair that I have. That is one thing that was so encouraging, I found out I wasn’t alone! He also writes with humor! His cartoons about homeschooling are delightful and witty. I also enjoyed the “Let’s Talk” sections throughout the book. They can be used as a homeschool group study or as a personal study. The questions are probing, and really helped me think through the points that Mr. Wilson brought out.

My husband sees me reading a lot. I enjoy fiction, but lately, I’ve been drawn to non-fiction books about homeschooling, child rearing, the mother/daughter relationship, and so forth. Why, you may ask? Well, because I feel like a failure in most of these areas. I read my Bible daily, I pray, and I attend church – where  I receive excellent counsel on myriad topics. Yet, as a mother, and as a wife, I often feel like I’m letting everyone down. I get discouraged, and therefore, I decide to quit – but I don’t! I just want to very badly. This, in turn, affects my efforts in these areas. Recently Terry saw me reading another “self help” book and said “Oh no, not again! Those books just give you a longer “to do” list! Do this, this and that to be better!” He’s right, I usually close the final chapter of a “do better” book and feel overwhelmed with all that I should be doing. I couldn’t wait to read him the following paragraph in my latest “self help” book – the one about which I’m writing:

“After finishing this book, I don’t want you to try harder, but I do want you to enjoy your kids more. I won’t ask you to be more diligent, but I hope that you’ll laugh easier. I’m not trying to make you better, but I desire you to feel secure in your shortcomings.”- p.13

I had certainly never read that kind of intro to any “self help” book before! I was immediately interested in what Todd Wilson had to say. He begins by telling us exactly what a lie is, and who is the father of them all – Satan. Then, he begins listing the lies; there are seven. The ones I could relate most to were…wait a minute…I don’t want to give too much away. I will say that the lies he talks about are pretty common. Things like: Everyone else’s kids are better than mine; Everyone  else’s homes are cleaner; Everyone else is more capable; and the list goes on. This is followed by a section where he asks you to get real – to be honest  to yourself. Then, he discusses the Bible truths to combat those lies.

I finished this book truly feeling refreshed and renewed. Todd is very real himself, that’s why I felt comfortable enough to just call him by his first name, and that in and of itself was a breath of fresh air. I can be “real” in most areas of my life, but it seems when I get around other home schooling moms, I feel this need (out of fear of judgment) to compete – to be something I’m not – and I often find myself lacking compared to other moms. I don’t want to be that way, but, as Todd explains in his book, all of us homeschooling moms are that way sometimes.

I hope you’ll pick this book up somewhere and give it a read for yourself. It certainly encouraged this homeschooling Mom’s heart. You can read more about it at Familyman Ministries.


2 thoughts on “Review: Lies Homeschooling Mom’s Believe

  1. Valerie, you have no idea how much I needed this today! Thanks you for posting this. I'll definitely look into this book, but just reading what you've posted about it was such an encouragement.


  2. Traci says:

    Wow. Thanks for sharing that! I am a complete failure in this area of my life – which makes me uptight and not very joyful. I totally need to order this book!


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