Today was our church’s organized time to go out together and invite folks to church and tell them about Jesus. My mother graciously agreed to drive down and watch out two youngest kids so that I could go out and talk to folks with my husband and three older children. I grabbed my black leather New Testament and a handful of tracts with glee! It’s been too long since I’ve had the chance to go out and invite people to church. I really love talking to people!

There was a heat advisory today. It’s about 100 degrees right now, but the heat index is much higher. As I stood chatting with a lady, I felt a tickle on the back of my leg, like a hair or a string. When I went to brush it away, I noticed it was sweat dripping down the back of my legs! I was standing the shade at that time, too! It was worth it though, to get to visit with so many sweet people.

Later, as I stood beside my husband while he gave the Gospel to an African-American man, right across the street from the elementary school that President Bill Clinton attended, I felt in awe. I was in awe that Bill Clinton used to run around that playground. I’m sure  that back then people didn’t think that anyone from our tiny town would ever be president! Yet, he did it. Likewise, there are days when the church house is rather empty, the spirit is down and it feels like we are accomplishing very little for our Lord. But today, I relished the moment as I stood outside in the 100 plus degree weather, the sun kissing my cheeks, the Lord sending His breeze to cool us, the cicadas singing an encouraging song from the trees.  I knew this thankless, un-glorious task, was far greater than anything Bill Clinton has ever done. Yes, anything. Nothing, my friend, is more important than telling folks about Jesus. He’s the One who paid for our sins, He’s the One who teaches us how to live through the pages of His Word. He is God.

I’m sure that on a hot day like today, people were visiting State Parks, shopping, visiting an amusement park or out on the lake. If they were asked to go out today and invite people to church, they would say “But it’s too hot!” Well, it’s not too hot for doing those other things, because that’s what we want to do, it’s  just too hot for what we don’t want to do.

Think of it this way, spending time at the lake with your family is fun for a day. The memories will last a few months at best. Spending a day with your family telling others about the One who died for you, will last for eternity.

Perhaps we should all change our “want to”? Souls are dying without Christ, and we have only one life to give to make a difference. It’s a sobering thought. We are not commanded to “save” people, we are only commanded to “go”. (Matthew 28:19)

And we can all go, somewhere.


2 thoughts on “Fulfilling His Command

  1. Tobitha says:

    Hi Valerie! Thank you for this…. I needed this. Its been a while since I have been soul winning on a regular basis. I went in South Carolina with a dear lady at church and we witnessed 2 souls come to Christ. It was so exciting! We have now joined a church here in Indiana and I'm looking forward to going again!


  2. Laurie says:

    I really enjoy reading your blog. I will be sure to come back often. Blessings!


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