I apologize for seeming to put a negative spin on the ministry in my previous post. I was uncomfortable with some of the remarks I was getting, so I have deleted it. (Just can’t handle the stress right now.) I was merely trying to share my heart, and therefore my struggles, with others in order to be a blessing. Be it known that I’m not quitting, I’m not thinking that I bear my burdens alone, nor do I think I’m having a harder time than anyone else. I was trying to encourage others and myself to keep going. It must have sounded whiny and for that I am truly sorry. I hate whining!

Truth is, the life of any Christian (pastor or layman) trying to live according to God’s Word is hard. Satan attacks those who are openly against him. Last time I checked, attacks are not fun. The Refiner’s fire, while exceedingly productive, is also exceedingly painful. I’m not afraid to admit that yes, I feel pain.

Thanks to all of you for praying and for caring. To those who misunderstood my last post, I apologize. Please don’t give up on me yet.


7 thoughts on “Just to Clarify

  1. I am so sorry that you felt you had to delete your post. I took it that you were being an encouragement in saying Stay strong in the battles and trust in the Lord. I appreciate your honesty so many pastor's wives always like that never have any battles or struggles when we all do. Keep writing for those of us who enjoy your postts. Thanks and God bless. Starla


  2. I didn't think your post was whiny either, but it can be hard to convey our hearts through the medium of a screen. So if you felt uncomfortable about it, you were right to remove the post.

    I just prayed for you and will continue to do so as God brings you to mind. (o:


  3. Laurie says:

    I am sorry you had to delete your post. I didn't think you came across whiny. I have found that sometimes people criticize or belittle to cover their own inadequacies or faults. It helps me to know that other people struggle in battle too. Just as you stated in this post the refiners fire is not easy. John 16:33 is the verse of scipture that I have been encourged by today. Blessings!


  4. Pat says:

    I thought the post was wonderful. Our pastor has read that poem from the pulpit before. I know that you always encourage me and one way is cause you are real and you admit that you struggle but that you know God is in control and you will be stronger in the end. I love all your blog posts. Thanks for being just who God made you to be!


  5. Elsabeth says:

    Valerie, I'm just now catching up with my blog reading, and missed the one you deleted. Nonetheless, I don't have to read it to know that it wasn't a “whiny” post–of all your posts {present and archived}, I have not come across a single one. I enjoy reading your blog BECAUSE you “keep it real”. What's the point of having superficial friends whether in real life or in the blogging community? Some people just feel the need to criticize, otherwise, their day isn't complete–but please don't take them to heart–your blog has helped many people, myself included!

    Praying for you!
    PS. people should probably read your profile first before they lit into you, huh? You've already laid everything out!


  6. geekswife says:

    I am just catching up on things, so I didn't get to read your previous post, but I'm sorry you felt the need to delete it! I doubt you were whining… Sometimes the ministry is just hard!

    I know that it is hard not to let what people say get to us, especially when you are speaking from your heart (as I know you do). They are not the ones that matter, through. I have only been following your blog for a short while, but I do know that you have struck a chord and touch many lives. Stay strong- and stay you!


  7. Kristy... says:

    ugh why do people feel the need to kick people when they are down? I thought your post was great.
    Perhaps these people thought they were helpful, perhaps not but, in the end, people need to watch thier… fingers in this instance because things can come across wrong if we are not careful. I remember going to someone whom I loved and trusted when I was in the midst of my PPD. I only wanted a lended ear, I only wanted wanted a “God loves you, He is with you, your going to be ok” instead I got an earful about how I am not grateful for what I had, cause if I were, I wouldnt be this way… it was awful It was a punch in the stomach. IN the end if your husband was ok with your post, and you were ok with your post, who is ANYONE else to rebuke you for your post? ❤


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