Are you sick and tired of hearing me say how fast time is going by? Yeah. Thought so. So….I won’t say it.

(Awkward silence)

So…um….Lauren is now twelve! We had a small celebration for her with my Mom on her actual birthday (August 27th) and then Terry and I hired a baby sitter and took Lauren to Texarkana to Texas Roadhouse restaurant for a steak dinner the following Monday evening. (She loves steak!) After the meal, we took her shopping to buy something from us, as well as to spend some of her birthday money. We did do more for her twelfth birthday than we’ve done for past birthdays. We also wanted to make this birthday extra special in some way. When Jesus was 12, we read about His teaching in the synagogue. I don’t believe for a second that Lauren is capable of teaching adults, as Jesus did, but I know she could handle a class of pre-schoolers or even young elementary age children. I can’t begin to share some of the burdens my sweet girl has had to bear in her life, but I can share that her reaction to them has been one of grace and wisdom beyond her years. Oh yes, she has much growing to do, but I’m so pleased with her progress!

Here are a few photos of her happy days! 🙂

 Lauren loves Star Wars and chocolate! I made her a chocolate cake. I bought Star Wars stickers and placed them on card stock and cut them out. I taped toothpicks to the back and placed them on the cake. The sign that Yoda is holding says “Birthday Happy, Lauren.” (Notice I mixed up the order of the words, trying to be “Yoda-like”. Lauren got a kick out of it. 😉
 Aunt Melanie has made all of the girls these cute little purses for their birthdays this year. 🙂
 Nana gave her a card and money, as did Great Grandma, Grandma & Granddad in Ohio, and my Aunt Dorothy! 🙂 Yep, she raked it in! lol!
 Group photo, with me & Mom.
Group photo with Dad. 
 She blew them all out with one try! 🙂
 I think Matthew liked this cake better than his own birthday cake! 
 Lauren enjoying the Baby Blossom onion at Texas Roadhouse. Yummola!
 The servers gathered around and announced her birthday to the folks in the restaurant. She’s a tad bit embarrassed! 🙂
She wanted a game for her DS from us. She picked out Mario Kart. We also took her to look around Hobby Lobby and Wal*Mart. She ended up spending some of her birthday money on a  new scooter. 🙂
We are so thankful for our sweet twelve year old girl! I look forward to seeing how God will use her. I pray she will continue to submit to His guidance throughout her life.


One thought on “Lauren’s 12th Birthday

  1. Ava Kinsey says:

    What a fun birthday! I'm glad it was a wonderful day for you, Lauren.

    Your baby brother is getting so big!


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