I try to make a birthday cake for Jesus each year. Years ago, I chose a special cake for the purpose, one that I make only at Christmas. As a child, this was my favorite Christmas dessert. In 8th grade, I was really excited to serve it at a Christmas party I was hosting for my friends. I spent the night before the party with my best friend, who lived in an RV trailer at our church. (Her parents traveled in evangelism.) We got permission to sleep in the church nursery that night, and almost never awoke. Because of the situation, my party got postponed. The next week, however, the party went on and this cake was on the menu.

This year, I realized that this cake is also a great lesson about Jesus! I love object lessons!

1. The cake uses a white cake mix and Cool Whip frosting – both are white and pure. This symbolizes the sinless Son of God.
2. It looks like an ordinary cake, until you cut it! Once sliced, you can see the surprise! Jesus looked like a man, but He was God in the flesh.
3. The red Jello reminds us of the reason He came – to die for our sins.
4. The green Jello reminds us that through His sacrifice, we live forever, and we can grow in grace.
5. Singing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus helps focus little minds on the One we live for.

We had our birthday celebration for Jesus last night, ahead of the hub-bub of the actual day. We are also planning on opening gifts after our Sunday morning services, another way of putting Christ first.

Each year I fight the urge to get caught up in the “commercialism” of Christmas. I feel ashamed that I worry so much about food coming out okay, about having enough money to buy gifts for everyone, about whether or not people will like my gifts, and on and on. This day is for the Lord! The greatest gift we can give Him is the re-dedicating of our lives to His service. He died for us, we should live for Him. And while that doesn’t cost a penny, it’s the most expensive thing we can give.

Happy birthday, Jesus!Ā 


One thought on “Happy Birthday, Jesus

  1. ~ Mrs. Nom ~ says:

    I can't wait to do this with our children šŸ™‚ I would love the recipe if you could email it to me sometime šŸ™‚ No rush – Baby Boy isn't even here yet šŸ˜›

    ~Naomi B.


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