Matthew’s Signs

I was so excited to capture a short video of Matthew tonight! I know, I know, I’m completely and utterly prejudiced! I think he is the cutest 18 month old alive! I got him to do a few of the signs we’re teaching him. I hope you enjoy watching, even if you’re not related to us. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Matthew’s Signs

  1. So cute! Love it!!

    Gracie can do please and thank you, but not the correct signs. She holds her hand to her mouth for Thank you, and does a “monkey scratch” on her front for please. She now says please “si” with her mouth but will still sign. She almost always will say please when she wants something. I think me saying, “Do you want xxxx?” is her cue to say please. She will sometimes say Thank You without prompting. I don't care (much) that she doesn't do them correctly, but am thrilled that she is learning good manners!

    I laughed when Matthew got frustrated when he couldn't open up the glasses case. So like Gracie! She will say “Stuck! Stuck!”

    Your new look for your blog looks great! I put the new blog button on my blog as soon as I hopped over to see the changes.


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