We began the week last Saturday (Don’t worry, I know the week really begins on Sunday. Just giving you a little back story.) with a wonderful missionary family joining us for an informal meal of pizza and salad. The Karamitros family have been in China for ten years. They have five grown children. And they were such a blessing! Mrs. Karamitros was especially encouraging to me in the area of homeschooling. She was a mechanical engineer for Lockheed Martin before she and her husband began deputation. She commented that she has a personal mission of encouraging girls not to be intimidated by math and science. She gave me some sound advice regarding science curricula. It was so nice to chat with them. They were with us for the morning service at church, but had to scoot on over to another nearby church for the evening service.

Sunday afternoon, just as I was stumbling toward the coffee pot after a short nap, I noticed that a van was parked down at the church. Two very well dressed people, a man and a woman, were inside the building. I figured they were missionaries or passers-by who were looking for a church to attend while they were in town. I ran to where my husband was lying on the floor, reading. I whispered to him so as not to waken the girls sleeping nearby, “There’s someone at the CHURCH.” He hopped up, flipped on the light in the kitchen and stood in font of the window to see who it was. I was next to him. The two people were now beside their vehicle, they looked up at us! They saw us through the window! EEK! At this point, I was very embarrassed. They waved at us and Terry said, “That’s Brian and Dixie Wagahoff.” I ran out the door, down the sidewalk in my sock feet and embraced my childhood friend. I hadn’t laid eyes on her in almost three years! I hadn’t seen her kids in over nine! She had a daughter I’d never met (and the ones I had met were too young to remember me) and I’d had three children she’d never met. It was so wonderful to see her, to catch up, to meet her children. It had been too long.

They went to church with us that night and spent the night in our church’s missions house. They sang a special for us that blessed my heart. They ate supper at our house and we stayed up visiting – and the children playing – until the wee hours of the morning. We rose late on Monday morning and visited with them that day. We caught up on people we knew and most interestingly, they told us in vivid detail about the Joplin tornado. They survived it in the basement of their church. They showed us photos from their phones, described the wind, the fear, the noise, the damage…I just can’t thank the Lord enough for keeping my friends safe! It also helps me know how to pray for them as they heal emotionally, and they are still healing. It was devastating for them, especially for the kids. I have a new respect for tornadoes after hearing their story.

 They pulled away from our house to head back to Missouri at 4:30. I was sad to see them go, but so grateful at the same time. They had come down to see Dixie’s dying grandfather before he left this world of sorrow. They had to drive a bit further to see us; they had to go out of their way, and I’m so glad they did. Terry said after they left that their visit refreshed his soul. I agree. And the kids? Well, they had a marvelous time playing together! There aren’t many kids around here, so having four extra kids to play with was truly a gift from the Lord.

Here are a few photos I snapped right before they left.

 The boys: Mitchell, Brice & Bret
Carrie, Leslie & Laci 
 Brian and Terry
 The whole gang! L-R (back row) Brice, Carrie, Bret, Lauren, Mitchell, (front row) Leslie, Carrie & Laci. Matthew was asleep. 
 Courtney (who, by the way, was named after ME! My maiden name is Courtney!) and Lauren. These girls are less than a month apart in age! Dixie and I used to dream about our daughters playing together. I always pictured it being more than once, though. Oh well, I’m glad it at least happened once! Maybe the Lord will allow our paths to cross again.
Dixie and me. We’ve known each other since I was 4 and she was 5! We became very close friends when I was 11 and she was 12 and have been ever since. I am so blessed!

All of that was on Monday. It made the rest of the week rather dull. No surprise visits, nothing spectacular going on. In fact, we had to start school up this past week. We had intended to start back the week of New Year’s, but many of us were sick. Lauren had a cold, I was getting over one, and Mitchell had a cough. I just postponed everything for one more week.

We started back on Tuesday. Each day has been long, like walking in slow motion. None of us are too eager to start back on….math!!! I hate math. No, I despise math. Math is my nemesis, and I refuse to let it defeat me! But I still hate it. We trudged through each day, somehow, and came out alive at the end. I am hoping that now that we’re back in our school routine, next week will go smoother.

I hope.

Other than just dragging, the week was blissfully uneventful. We read books, we played, we worked. No injuries, no illnesses, no devastating news. For this, I’d like to praise the Lord. Each day we are in His hands and we need His help whether the sun is shining or a tornado is blowing.

A few more photos from the week:

 Mitchell said, “Look Mom, we’re gangsta brothers!”
Laci’s hair was in her eyes, so, *ahem* she fixed the problem. When Lauren did this, I hit the roof. I’ve either mellowed a lot since then, or grown in the Lord. I scolded her for this, but I didn’t hit the roof. Confucius say, “Hair grow back, but damage from high blood pressure is fo-eva.”
 The girls had fun with the water colors! 🙂 

As I was reading Thursday night, I heard Leslie say, “I’m being like Momma.” I turned to see her rocking her baby brother beside me. He willingly let her and she loved every minute. Ah, yes, I’m bronzing this moment for those quiet, empty nest days yet to come.
I hope you have all had a wonderful week, whether busy or not, eventful or boring, God is faithful and true. This, we can count on.


3 thoughts on “End of a Long Week

  1. Susan says:

    I know the Karamitros family very well . . . they are out of our former sending church in Ft. Worth! Our children all grew up together. She is awesome! Always has a beautiful smile. I'm so glad you got to meet them – first-class couple!

    What a sweet visit with your old friends, too. I love how the Lord gives us a hug just when we need it! 😉


  2. Kristy... says:

    She didn't do a bad job because judging by the pictures, her hair looks adorable!


  3. Mama2four says:

    Look at that- the Wagahoffs! My sis in law Amy is married to a Wagahoff! They are such a good family! ~Cassandra


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