In one week, I’ll be giving away the winner’s choice of one of the following items: (Yes, doing a bit of spring…winter cleaning and hoping to a blessing, too!) Please note that items are used, but in excellent condition.

The Pastor’s Wife CD by Mrs. Clarence Sexton

More Hours in My Day  by Emilie Barnes

Say Goodbye to Stress by Kevin Leman

Katheryn’s Secret (Novel) by Linda Hall

Pocketful of Pinecones (Fictional story about doing nature study with your children) by Karen Andreola

Teachers of Good Things by Francy Taylor

My First 300 Babies by Gladys W. Hendrick

How to Hook Your Kids on Books by Karen O’Connor

How to Enter:
Leave a comment telling me which item you are interested in (you can change your mind if you win). If you spread the word via a social networking site, I’ll throw in an extra entry for you! Just let me know that information in a comment, also. The winner will be announced by 6 PM on Monday, January 23, 2012. Thanks for reading!

34 thoughts on “Giveaway! {Closed}

  1. Pat says:

    I think this is very nice. I would love to win….More Hours in My Day by Emilie Barnes if I win the giveaway. Does facebook count? If so I shared this on there.


  2. Ava Kinsey says:

    Ooooh! Fun! All sound great. I think I would choose More Hours in My Day. Is the Pinecones book a novel?


  3. Theo-Ann says:

    My first choice would be Emilie Barnes book, More Hours in my day, folled by the pincones book and the pastor's wife cd. I'm a bishop's wife just like you and sometimes just need some encouragement. I love your blog!:)


  4. Travis Burke says:

    Being a pastor's wife myself, I would enjoy the cd on the pastors wife. Thanks! Stacey


  5. Anonymous says:

    My first choice would be More Hours in My Day. My second choice would be Say Goodbye to Stress. Thank you so much! (Melanie Wilson)


  6. Sarah LeClercq says:

    I would like More hours in my day! I also let my FB friends know about your giveaway! Thank-you so much!


  7. I like to see what blogs my friends read and yours was on one of the list. I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog. I enjoy it very much. I am a missionary in Africa. I would like :”How to hook your kids on books”. My kids do not like to read. They do read their Bible, but I can't seem to get them interested in reading just for pleasure.Thank you.


  8. Mama2four says:

    I think I would like listening to the CD on being a Pastor's wife. Although I love reading, too, so I don't know….. 🙂 They all look interesting!


  9. Lil Peanut says:

    I would be interested in More hours in my day.


  10. Misty says:

    I would love to have More Hours in My Day by Emilie Barnes! I also shared on Facebook and Twitter!


  11. I would love pocketful of pinecones. Love that nook!


  12. Laurie says:

    If not to late I would like to enter the give away. I would really enjoy the message on The Pastor's Wife.
    Thank You!


  13. Amanda says:

    I am leaning towards the Kevin Leman book–I love him!


  14. I would be interested in the pastors wife. For Audri of course. )


  15. Anonymous says:

    Melinda Gibbs on facebook says Katheryn's Secret sounds good to me.


  16. Laura :) says:

    I would be interested in Say Goodbye to Stress…….wonder why, lol!


  17. Ava Kinsey says:

    I want to enter for Teachers of Good Things, too.


  18. Ava Kinsey says:

    Also Pocketful of Pinecones.


  19. Theresa N. says:

    I'd love to read Kathryn's Secret, sounds like a good mystery.
    Theresa N


  20. Laurie says:

    I would like to enter for one more. Teachers of Good Things by Francy Taylor


  21. Stephanie A says:

    I would like to read More Hours In My Day and Kathryn's Secret. Thanks for the chance to win, Valerie!


  22. Stephanie A says:

    Ooops…I just re-read your post, and I was supposed to leave a separate comment for each book. My other comment can be for More Hours in My Day, and this one can be for Kathryn's Secret. I need to read all the instructions BEFORE I post :). Sorry!!


  23. Mama2four says:

    All right, going to enter one for More Hours in your day! Great idea! Thanks!


  24. Mama2four says:

    ….And say goodbye to Stress….


  25. Mama2four says:

    ….And, Katheryn's Secret….


  26. Mama2four says:

    ….And, Teachers of Good things….


  27. Mama2four says:

    And the last comment, for My First 300 Babies! Whew. I think that's it!!! Thanks!!!


  28. Misty says:

    I would like Teachers of Good Things by Francy Taylor too~


  29. Misty says:

    And….Say Goodbye to Stress by Kevin Leman


  30. Kathy M. wants Teachers of Good Things and Pastor's Wife CD. She couldn't get the comment form to work.


  31. Kristi says:

    Leave it to me to discover this the day OF the drawing! LOL Oh well… maybe next time.
    They all looked wonderful.



  32. Kim says:

    I think I would chose More Hours in My Day by Emilie Barnes if I were to win. I shared this on Facebook as well.

    Kim Lake


  33. Masey says:

    I would like to win Teachers of Good things! That sounds like a neat book.


  34. Kristi says:

    Very difficult to choose. I think More Hours in My Day or Say Goodbye to Stress.
    I'll say, Say Goodbye to Stress. LOL
    And I'll mention this on facebook and tag you.



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