Sometimes, blogging is the last thing I feel like doing. I’m not crafty. I’m not witty. I’m definitely not smart. At my best, I’m just a sinner saved by grace. At my worst…well, we won’t go there. This past week was one of those weeks where I just needed to be offline. While I wasn’t blogging, I was most assuredly living. I enjoyed being with my family, taking a quick trip away with my sweetheart (and getting to visit a friend on the way), and reading some good books.

To catch up, I’m writing this “hodge-podge” post. The dictionary defines this word ( these words?) as the following: heterogeneous mixture : jumble “hodgepodge of styles”. That about sums it up! Here are some photos of life around my hacienda and beyond during the last week. I only hope it all makes sense. Thanks for reading. 

 Lauren making her selection from the kids’ cookbook last week. 
Here’s the finished product: Striped Pudding Parfait! It is chocolate pudding, Cool Whip, strawberries and bananas. It was very tasty! 🙂

 Hard at work. 
While the others do school each day, this guy gets to look cute. And he does that so.very.well.

Laci took a break between outfit changes to watch Tangled. We all took a break to sing “the work song” with Rupunzel. We love that movie.

A helping hand? Uh-uh. A helping body! Matthew was about to fall in the dryer trying to reach a wash cloth for me! 

I enjoyed getting to see my friend Ava, and her sweet Gracie last week! We were passing through and had to stop, even though it was quite early. 🙂 Hello, Ava and Gracie!! Ava is definitely a kindred spirit and I’m blessed to know her. A true friend takes you in before breakfast, and that’s what Ava did. 🙂

A game of checkers. Matthew was lying on his stomach watching them, but I missed the photo op!

Leslie gave Matthew a piggy-back ride. That girl is the biggest helper, all of my kids are, but Leslie has a very sweet and sacrificial spirit. She loves taking care of others. I hope and pray she keeps that servant spirit forever. 

Below is a short video of her giving Matthew a ride. I love Matthew’s expression in it!

Thanks, again, for reading. I hope my next post will be less… miscellaneous!
Happy Wednesday!


4 thoughts on “Hodge-Podge

  1. Kristy... says:

    Laci and Matthew look a lot alike huh? He is getting so big so fast .SO adorable. How nice that you got to visit Ava and Tangled is OUR favorite too!!!!!!! We love that movie and, if you ask Abby what her name is, she will tell you VERY confidently “PUNZEL” lol ❤ I enjoyed your hodge podge post...


  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow, that pudding dessert Lauren made looks and sounds delicious. It makes me want a bite. I love you and miss you.


  3. Ava Kinsey says:

    Love the pics and the peek into your week! Getting to see you made my day!!

    Gracie likes to help with laundry, too. She has never crawled into the washer, though. She likes to spin the washer drum around. I do that to try to dispel the water. Sometimes water collects in the bottom of that drum. You saw how it's a front loader. Maybe you can ask Terry what causes that. I'll take laundry out and it'll be fine and then go to put another load in sometime later and there will be a good amount of standing water. I put the spin cycle on to make it go away.

    That dessert looks great! Lauren is really growing up!


  4. Kristi says:

    Dito on the parfait! MMmm!!! lol And yay for visiting Ava and Gracie. Would love to meet those two. And you, also! One day the Lord will bring us all together. 🙂



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