It’s election season, but I’m not writing about a political candidate. Nope, I’m writing about the most popular guy in our family. Everyone loves Matthew! He’s such a joy with all of his cute faces, motions and babbling. He soaks up everything and wants to figure everything out! He’s climbed up on buckets and laundry baskets so he can try to open cabinets, reach dishes or unlock doors. We have to watch him, and we love doing it. Every time he sees the dog, he bends down and pats his leg and makes the “woof woof” sound. (How cute is that?) Since he’s my fifth baby, I’m well aware of how quickly he’ll be growing out of this baby stage, so I’m savoring each moment. He is one of five precious lights in my life during my dark valley days, that’s for sure!  Thank you, Lord, for my five wonderful children! Thank you so much!

“Smile and say cheese! Oh, wait, I’m taking my own picture!” 🙂

“So, what’s in there, Laci?”
“Helloooo in there!”
“This is a great PB&J and a good show, too!”

“Hmm, guess I’ll go for a walk.”

“I’m no wimp, watch me push this!”

The happy trio of smiling faces. He didn’t seem to mind being put inside the school desk!

I just loved how the wind was blowing his hair! 🙂
I wanted to add in this photo of the kids enjoying break time. Lauren stayed in to work. We are grateful for the lovely weather we’ve had lately!

Leslie learned a new trick! 🙂

Laci did, too!

“I love my sissy, she’s my number one fan…and a great slave, too!”
Matthew is pretty popular in our family, but they all are loved enormously. Not only do we try to show our love for the children, but we are working to teach them to love and appreciate each other. Are they perfect at this? No, sadly, they are not. We still have occasional squabbles or bickering. Overall, I know they care about each other. Even more than teaching brotherly love, we are striving to teach them that the Savior loves them. People will let them down, even Christian people will! We want them to keep their eyes on Christ, the One who will never disappoint them! 


One thought on “One Popular Guy

  1. Laurie says:

    This is so sweet!
    Matthew is a little cutie pie!

    Thanks for sharing! Have a great day!


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