Wow. Who knew that blogging would almost be a thing of the past for me this year? (Please don’t tell me that you saw it coming by the pointlessness of my previous posts…*sigh*) I cannot believe it’s already May! I suppose that interacting online has not been my forte as of late. You’re probably imagining me sitting on the floor of a darkened walk-in closet, eating peanut butter out of the container with my finger. Please! I wasn’t that bad! I used a spoon! I do have some manners!

Kidding. Only kidding. I haven’t been away because of depression, though sadness has entered the picture now and then. I stopped blogging because I just ran out of things to say. My posts were becoming like a broken record. “This valley is long. It’s dark. The mountain is steep. Blah, blah, blah.” I got tired of writing it, and I’m pretty sure you got tired of reading it. So…I disappeared into the foggy night leaving only the scent of my perfume lingering behind me.

And now, I’m back! At least for today.

And, guess what? STILL climbing up the side of that mountain! Still hoping against hope that things will improve. I’m wondering what God is doing, but trusting Him just the same. I’m scheduled to speak at a ladies conference near Chicago in September, and I’m wondering what in the world I’m going to have to say? I feel hollow inside. The Lord gives me just enough to keep myself going each day, not nearly enough to help anyone else! My husband says that when the time comes, the Lord will show me exactly how I can be a blessing to the dear ladies in northern Illinois.Yes, the Lord. How could I forget? I’m eagerly awaiting His direction and praying for clear guidance.

Aside from all of that, however, I’ve been living my life, and thankful for each and every minute! I’ve been shopping and cooking with the kids (yes, pictures to come on that soon, I hope. I’m so behind. Again.). I’ve been homeschooling, going to the library, and we even took a quick little vacation over to Memphis, Tennessee! Yeehaw! Terry celebrated a birthday – which was also the 15th anniversary of our first date! Pics to follow on that, too. Four of the five kids have been sick this week: Lauren, sinus infection; Leslie, sinus infection; Laci, ear infection; Matthew, double ear infection. Everyone got to the doctor and they are on antibiotics, allergy medicine and nasal spray. I haven’t been to church in a week and half! I am looking forward to being in my place this coming Sunday!

Let’s see…what else have I been up to? Oh!  I’ve also been reading. A lot! I’ve found so many good books and just haven’t had time to share about each of them.

Here’s a quick list of what I have been reading:

Spoken from the Heart – by Laura Bush (She’s an amazing writer!)
1776 – by David McCullough (Superb!)
Just Shy of Harmony by Philip Gulley (Very cute, short, fictional story.)
Christmas in Harmony by Philip Gulley (Again, very cute.)
The Trumpet of the Swan by E.B.White (Read aloud to the kids. Loved it!)
Still More Stories from Grandma’s Attic by Arleta Richardson (Read aloud to the kids. Part of a great series!)
Treasures from Grandma by Arleta Richardson (Read aloud – again, great book!)

I’m currently reading:
Life Skills for Kids by Christine M. Field
The Light and the Glory by Peter Marshall and David Manuel
John Adams by David McCullough

And many more are on my “to read” list! 🙂

The kids are finishing up with school, well, with our normal academic year. We’re learning something all the time around here, though. I do enjoy the slower pace in summer. I enjoy staying up later, getting up a bit later, taking walks, inhaling the honeysuckle, watching the cardinals and the robins and, of course, reading, reading, reading!

The springtime breezes remind me of the glorious spring and summer days of my youth. I remember my mom reading aloud to me on her bed as the wind drove the curtains away from the sill, the singing of the birds outside, while I traveled to another land, another time, in my head. Books provided many a free vacation to exotic lands for me over the years. In fact, I think I’ll take a trip right now!

With love,


2 thoughts on “So Many Thoughts, So Little Time

  1. Jennifer P says:

    I read The Trumpet of the swan to RaeAnn when she was a baby. (I read to her a lot when she was trying to fall asleep). I need to read it again. I loved the story! I love Charlottes Web as well. Reading is good, and you are making me want to read more too! Oh, and by the way, frequent or infrequent, I enjoy your posts. I have never thought that you are repeating yourself, and I love to hear about your kiddos!


  2. Once the sun comes out we're outside a lot more and less on the computer that I didn't even notice your posting was less and less. I also always enjoy your posts and find myself going back and rereading them. 🙂 We've been reading a lot in our home as well, and I never get tired of it! 😀
    Don't worry about the words, when the Lord gives you something to say, I know you will.


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