We’ve been out of school for six weeks or so, and I’m already missing the routine! If I had all of our books, I think I would have already begun. However, I’m waiting for a hotel meeting with Abeka in July so I can get free shipping. So, it will be after that before we can start back.

We’ve been filling up our summer with books, books and books! We’ve also been working through as a family a health book called Prudence and the Millers. Lauren is doing the accompanying workbook, called Prudence and Your Health. They’ve been playing outside until the unbearable heat drives them indoors. I’ve gotten several household projects completed, like cleaning the outside of the windows and dusting knickknacks and shelves. Our hope and prayer is that God will send us a car load of cash so we can take a vacation this summer. Could you add that to your prayer list? Yes, just write down “car load of cash for Bashams”. Thanks so much! Okay, that was a joke! But, God could do it, if He wanted to. And yes, I know I don’t “need” a vacation. It is strictly a “want”. 🙂

I had planned to use ACE again for all the kids again this year, until I saw the grand total for their books! Wowza! Lotsa money! As I worked on another project on my summer to do list – organizing my four bookcases – and prayed about what to do, God showed me! I found a bunch of books that I could use or re-use! I also found several that I could sell! I used the cash from the sale of those books and it paid for half of what I needed new! (Which was around $300 total!) Praise the Lord! It looks like I can homeschool four kids for approximately $180! I’m having to buy workbooks for the younger ones and science for my 8th grader, but that’s about it. It is such a blessing! Sometimes, God does send that car load of cash, and other times, He shows you how to earn it yourself. I’m thankful for both methods of provision, and either way, I give Him the glory!

One book I got for my 8th grader’s history this year is called August Caesar’s World by Genevieve Foster. I’m reading it now, so I can write some questions for the material. I’ve found a list of suggested books that go along with this one, but I’ve never read them, nor does our library have them. I wonder if anyone has any reviews or thoughts on these?

Pyramid by David Macaulay
City by David Macaulay
The White Isle by Caroline Dale
The Golden Goblet by Eloise Jarvis McGraw

I’m definitely including The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth Speare and The Golden Fleece by Padraic Colum. But I’m wondering if the above titles are any good? Boring? Amazing? If you have any thoughts, I’d *really* appreciate them. I’m more of a U.S. history lover, so I’m rather ignorant on the ancient times. However, I’m enjoying filling in this gap very much! I’m sorry I didn’t pay better attention in school. (Thank the Lord for homeschooling! heehee! )

Thanks for helping a girl out, y’all! 😉

2 thoughts on “History Plans

  1. Lori says:

    You definitely want to read The Bronze Bow! It brought tears to my eyes in several places throughout the book. Even though the book is fiction, it does make you wonder about the people in Biblical days and how they really reacted to Jesus and his teachings.


  2. I had to sell a lot of books in order to meet our needs, but the Father met our needs.

    Great plans! and we have loved several of those books you have chosen 🙂


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