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A Mother-in-Love

I’ve heard the phrase “mother-in-love” as a replacement for “mother-in-law”, and I rather like it. My husband’s mother, my mother-in-law, and in-love, is celebrating her birthday today! She is far away in Ohio, so we cannot enjoy a meal together, or bake her a cake, but my how we wish we could! There are a lot of negatives about the online world: nasty pictures, debates, gossip, and depressing topics. BUT, there are some positives! We can encourage one another, pray for one another, and thank God for those He has lovingly placed in our lives.

I met my mother-in-law when I was fifteen years old – long before we were family! 🙂 She was the dorm supervisor at teen camp for two, possibly three years, in my dorm. She had a joy and personality which, sadly, I hadn’t seen in too many Christian ladies. She wasn’t afraid to be herself! She embraced her own strengths and weaknesses and joyfully served God in any way she could. She can play the piano (she basically taught herself), sew *amazing* clothes, make jewelry, spot bargains a mile away, build furniture, do household repairs, and tell great stories to her grandkids. However, if I had to pick a quality about her that I love the most, I think it would be her sense of humor. When I’m around her, the sadness of my life melts away. (I wish I could be around her now!) I can be myself with her, because she’s not a critical person. She puts me at ease. This same sense of humor is also one of my favorite character traits of my husband’s, and I know he gets it from his mom. 🙂

I’ve been in the family for over 14 years now, and in that time, I’ve watched her weather some very difficult storms. As I have been in my own storm for over a year now, thinking back over her testimony of strength and joy in times of hardship has been inspiring to me. I think, “Okay, Kathy went through something worse than this, God saw her through it. He will see me through, too.” I’m so thankful she has stayed faithful, even during the hard times.

Over the years, we have received boxes of clothes for the children from her that arrived at just the right time! God has used her more than once to supply a physical need of ours, or just to bless us. She sent me a gift for Mother’s Day this year, again, at just the right time. I was feeling alone and forgotten – but she hadn’t forgotten me. What a blessing.

When I married her oldest son as a very immature nineteen year old, I’m sure she had her moments of concern.She was forced to stand back and watch me make some very foolish mistakes in those early days. But she never “told me off” or criticized me. She loved me, prayed for me and was always my friend.

Kathy with the little girls – she made these mini-wedding dresses! 

Helping Lauren make jewelry.

Helping Mitchell build a boat model. (I told you she could do anything!)

She is an amazing, talented Christian; a remarkable Mother-in-Love

Happy birthday, Kathy! Thank you for your love and prayers, and for raising my wonderful husband. I love you!


2 thoughts on “A Mother-in-Love

  1. What a sweet tribute to your Mother in Love. You are blessed not all are a great as yours. Really it's a blessing from the Lord.

    Have a great weekend!
    Blessings Friend!


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