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For Matthew Ron

In 2012, I’m writing a little poem for each of my children. Here are a few words about my baby (who’s not a baby anymore! *sniff sniff*). Thanks for reading. 🙂
My sweet Matthew Ron,
Where has the time gone?
None can refute 
That your smile is too cute!
You run around all day,
You love the words “No way!”
You open all the doors,
Make a mess on the floors! 
You giggle and laugh,
You love to splash in the bath.
You give the best hugs,
Roll around on the rugs.
You jump on the bed,
And get bumps on your head,
But you keep on going
With no sign of slowing!
You now love good books,
You will sit and laugh and look.
The world is brand new 
Now that you’re TWO! 
He got a Dananino yogurt out of the fridge, opened it, tried to get a spoon, but was only able to reach a plastic medicine syringe. He ate the yogurt with the medicine syringe! I had to take a picture! 🙂

He’s TWO!

Early morning birthday gift! He’s riding his new tricycle in his jammies. 🙂

Happy birthday, to my sweet, cuddly boy! Mommy loves you, forever and always.

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