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More or Less?

I saw this blog post floating around on Pinterest, where a lady shares things she will do less of this year in her homeschooling. It got me thinking about what I would do less of. That, in turn, led me to thinking about what I’d do more of. I thought I’d share my thoughts here. I’d love to hear your “more or lesses”, too!

More ~

1. Laugh more. I’m really bad about getting in “serious mode” and staying there. Yes, mothering requires many serious moments, but there are times when I need to lighten up and laugh out loud.
2. Relax more. When I get stressed (almost daily), my husband will say to me “Relax.” I hate it when he does that! I’m not able to just flip a switch and suddenly “relax”. I wish it were that easy, though. However, my man is right. I need to relax. Inhale. Count to ten. Remember that in 100 years, most of what I fret over will not matter.
3. Read aloud more. This always seems to get pushed to the end of the day! I have it near the top, but it works its way down, down, down and then poof! the day is done and we didn’t enjoy a single book together. I have done really well in making read aloud time a priority this summer. My goal is to continue this into the school year.
4. Pray more. Without ceasing, as a matter of fact. (1 Thess. 5:17)
5. Depend on God more. It’s so very easy for me to reason things out, plan, research and plan some more! That’s the kind of person I am by nature – if there is a problem, I usually analyze it, come to the conclusion that I did something wrong, and therefore, I can fix it. Sometimes, though, I am not the problem.(gasp!) Sometimes it’s just life. In those times, I need to look up and rely on my Father. In fact, even when I am the problem, I need to depend upon Him. The task of raising and training children (whether I homeschool or not) is too great for me to carry alone.

Less ~ 

1. Worry less. Ah yes, I’m a worrier! I need His help each and every day in every facet of my life to let go of the problem and let God have it.
2. Spend less. I am so pleased that this year I have only spent about $400 to educate four children! This includes a math program for my son, a science program (with lab materials) for my oldest, a K5 packaged curriculum, and several other miscellaneous books. Last year, I spent around $700 for teaching three children. I felt compelled to lower that figure this year, and praise the Lord, I have done so! I have hunted around online to find gently used materials, been given a truck load of books, and am re-using several books that have been sitting on my shelf since my oldest finished using them.
3. Yell less. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I’m a little yeller. No, I don’t mean I’m a coward. I mean that I raise my voice too often.I caught myself just today starting to yell out something, and I stopped. It’s a nasty habit and I hope you’re not like me! It’s something I’m working on this year. And forever.
4. Say “no” less. “No, you can’t play in the mud.” “No, we can’t go there.” “No,  you can’t do that.” No, no, no. I want to think of things that I can offer as alternatives so that “no” becomes a “yes”. I’m not saying I’m never telling my kids no again, I just mean that sometimes I say no because it’s easy for me. I want to try to find the positive more this year, and inconvenience myself if it will benefit my children.
5. Sigh less. I’ve noticed that it’s my way to sigh when I’m discouraged. Next comes the outright complaining. (Mostly to my husband.) I complain far too much. I hope that by stopping the sighing, which always leads to the complaining,  that I can stop the complaining! I hope it works. {crossing fingers} I am blessed to have a *very* longsuffering husband who puts up with my many faults, including my complaining. (Love you, Terry! I want to do better on this. This is a test to see if you’re reading. muhahaha!) 😉 My goal is to memorize a Bible verse and quote it to myself when I feel the pangs of disappointment rising.

So that’s it. Those are my “mores” and “lesses” for this school year. I have plenty to keep me busy this year! 🙂 Thanks for reading! 

5 thoughts on “More or Less?

  1. Thank you for this post. I feel like homeschooling my children this year is what the Lord wants me to do. I can hardly believe I just typed that out loud. I'm scared to death. Thanks for all your advice.
    Blessings Friend!!!


  2. I need to work on much of that same list. I guess the yelling is the one I have to correct the least, and that is because I'm in the house by myself. :o)
    Thanks for your honesty and the great reminders. Why do I worry and fret when I can trust my heavenly Father?!


  3. Your list certainly sounds like what I need to focus on. How did you know?? 🙂 One thing on my 'more' list is to enjoy my children. Time goes by so quickly. Sometimes I'm more focused on the 'have-to's and miss out on the 'want-to's. Thanks for the reminder. Be blessed


  4. That is such a great list. You know you're on the right track when you see things that need to be changed in your life, and then go do them 🙂

    Hope you have a great school year!


  5. This reminds me of something I read today. I can't remember the exact words (and I'm too lazy right now to go get the magazine that I read it in and look it up) but it was something like……. 10 or 10? If it will be forgotten in 10 minutes, then don't stress over it. If it will be something that you will still remember in 10 years, then focus your attention on that.


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