This post is for my “scrapbook”. 🙂 I am not what you’d call a modesty ogre. I train the girls to keep covered, and that’s about it, I don’t have a list of rules as long as your arm. Just keep covered. However, around the house, they often play pretend wearing swim suits and princess dresses. We wear long shorts to play outside in the heat, and in the freezing cold snow (the few times we get it), they wear leggings or pants, whichever is available. A few days ago,  my youngest girl, age five, put on a shirt that was barely too big for her. It came together in the front, like a button up shirt minus the button. She was worried it flopped open too much, so she found a way to fix it. (See photo below)

She used a wooden clothespin to hold the opening together! 🙂 Now, it didn’t fall open too much. And, I have not yet discussed with her that women should wear blouses that are high enough to cover that area – there’s not a need for that, yet! That’s what surprised me! She was aware, already, of the importance of covering up properly in this way. It’s amazing how our young ones pick up things without having a long drawn out lesson on them! I have seen plenty of my mistakes rub off on the children, so it was nice to know that at least one of them has learned something good from their mother. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Matters of Modesty

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love this. It is so precious.


  2. Masey says:

    This is so sweet! It's amazing what they learn just by watching us!


  3. Laurie says:

    This is precious. Our children learn so much from us.


  4. Kristy... says:

    What a precious sweet girl. She has the gift of modesty instilled in her. What a great heart! Good job mommy! She didn't just have that… not in this world!


  5. Victoria says:

    Our children do see and hear more than we realize, don't they? Keep up the good work, mamma! 🙂


  6. Ellen says:

    Thank you. How important to set an example before our children.


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