My darling son, you are so sweet
From the top of your head to the soles of your feet.
You are so tender, loving and kind
You stop to help one who’s fallen behind.
You help out your sisters as they try to play,
You show them sometimes a better way.
You hold little brother, and carry him, too,
You’re showing him Jesus, who lives inside you.
You care for the dog and you sweep and you mop,
You work hard till you’re done – you do not stop.
You read and you read, till your head starts to fall, 
Then you say “I’m not sleepy, no not at all.”
You cuddle and hug, give a peck on the cheek
You turn days to sunny that should be quite bleak.
I do know for sure that your smile is so bright,
On dark, cloudy days, we don’t need a light.
You love your sisters, your mom and dad,
Your heart breaks whenever you have been bad.
You love all your family, ones far and ones near,
When you have to leave them, you shed a tear.
Each day you get up without being told,
You open your Bible, in heat and in cold,
You read some from Proverbs and some other book,
I’m so happy that into God’s Word you do look!
God gave us a treasure when He gave us you, son,
I would not want another – not a single one!
Your gifts for laughter and music and love
Make you unique, you’re sent from above.
If someday you sit and smile at your past,
Wishing “Oh why, why couldn’t it last?”
Remember God gave you today for His sake,
So live for our Lord, and make no mistake.

He sees you, He loves you, He knows you, too,
And He always wants what is best for you.
As life’s road twists and turns, keep your eyes on the sky,
Keep looking to Him when your heart cries out “Why?”
Your myriad talents I hope you will use
For His cause on Earth, please make no excuse.
Life may not be easy or fun or carefree,
But God has a plan, just wait and see!
I am one blessed mother, to call you my boy:
My laughter, my light, my comfort, my joy.
All of you children make each day of mine 
Full of good things, like songs and sunshine!
I thank God each day for giving me you,
And Lauren and Laci and Leslie, too!
Yes, I’m thankful for Dad and dear little Matt.
I’m blessed beyond measure, I’m sure of that.
Holding a baby alligator at the library story-time hour this summer. His adoring sister is on the right. 🙂
Happy birthday to my wonderful, strong, smart TEN year old boy! I love you, Mitchell Lee!


3 thoughts on “For Mitchell Lee

  1. Anonymous says:

    That is a wonderful tribute to Mitchell, and every word is true. You captured his character and personality so well.


  2. Amanda Tyler says:

    Happy Birthday to Mitchell!! ~From all of us Tylers


  3. Jennifer P says:

    He sounds a bit like my nephew, Ryley. Ryley cares a lot for others, he does have his bad days though. But Ryley does love with all his heart, and that sounds like Mitchell. Hope he has a wonderful day!


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