Good Results

As I’ve mentioned before, we are using Apologia science for the first time this year with our oldest child. We just completed the first module (unit), which was about famous scientists and their discoveries or contributions to science. Here are some photos of our favorite experiment so far – and yes, we all get involved when it’s experiment time!

Lauren was in charge – she gathered our supplies. (The spray cleaner just happened to be in the photo.)

Measuring carefully.

This experiment required us to boil some purple cabbage. I never have liked the smell of boiled cabbage. 

The mixture in the soda bottle was supposed to blow up the balloon – and as you can see, it worked! We were all so excited! 🙂 

All done.
 Recording the results of her experiment. It’s always nice when it turns out right. 🙂
When Lauren took one look at the enormous book for science this year, she didn’t think it would be a very fun course. Science has never been one of her favorite subjects, anyway, but that book was a tad bit overwhelming. It was kinda scary to me, too! But this year,she’s finding out that science is, in fact, a lot of fun! And that’s the result I was hoping for.


4 thoughts on “Good Results

  1. Thanks for shaaring! I love the photos, and I'm sure Lauren is enjoying the experiments. Hands-on learning is more fun. I commend you for your excellent efforts in giving your children an excellent education. You laid a great foundation in giving them a love of reading.


  2. Apologia is what I used my senior year of high school…oh, my!…QUITE a few years ago. 🙂 I hated science, but I loved Apologia! Glad your family is enjoying it, too! 🙂

    BTW…I am enjoying your blog. 🙂


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