Dear Lauren Kassidy,

I remember the day we brought you home,
A sweet little bundle of our very own.
Your tiny hands and sweet little face,
Spread sunshine and smiles all over the place!

I rocked you all night, a special time,
Savoring the fact that you were all mine!
My goal was to care and to love you, dear,
Protect you from danger, keep you from fear.

We watched you go from crawling to walking,
From babbling and cooing to lots of talking!
You made us laugh and shake our heads
As we carried you off and tucked you in bed.

You grew and grew, so much each day,
Into the young lady you are today.
Tall and strong and funny and sweet
You make each day a special treat.

You love Star Wars, swords and running, too,
The tree house, guns and books – not a few.
The piano I love to hear you play,
You work hard on it each and every day.

I’m so proud of you – you’re such a fine girl,
But the time went so fast, puts my head in a whirl!
In the quiet, dark evening, when the sky is black
I sometimes sit solemnly and start looking back.

I see the blond head, the bright blue eyes,
Taking in everything, foolish and wise.
You saw my mistakes, and you see them today,
How I’ve failed in the past, how I’ve gone the wrong way.

I’ve done one thing right, and that’s stay in the Word,
Listening to Him through sermons I heard.
I ask for forgiveness when wrongs I have done
Restoration I find through God’s only Son.

As you take off from here, for teen years ahead,
I ask you one thing, to be by Christ led.
He’ll walk with you gladly o’re trails great and small,
He will guide you in life, just out to Him call.

In those quiet, dark nights, I sometimes see
That sweet little girl sitting on my knee.
I remember her smile, her little voice,
And I know what I’d do, if I had a choice.

I would do just the same; I’d not change a thing!
I’ve treasured each moment that your life did bring.
I look forward with the pleasure to weeks and years,
The laughter, the fun, the sadness, the tears.

Life’s road has its changes, its twists and turns,
Some hills and valleys and lessons to learn.
Some say, “Teen years are dreadful, just run away!”
“Do all that you can to avoid them!” they say.

But I’m not afraid, though the future is hazy;
You won’t send me running because I’ve gone crazy!
You love the Lord,  for Him you do live.
There’s no greater joy to a mom you could give.

Life has many unknowns or variables, it’s true!
It’s proof that algebra is useful for you.
But no matter what ups and downs we see,
There is one constant which will always be:

I’ll love you forever, in sickness and health,
My home is your home, my wealth is your wealth.
From here you may leave and move far away,
But my prayers follow you, day after day.

There’s no burden you carry that I will not share,
No trial of yours I won’t gladly bear.
Come rain or shine, you can be quite sure
My darling daughter, my love will endure.

Happy 13th birthday to the sweetest teenager in the world!

With love,


6 thoughts on “For Lauren Kassidy

  1. Anonymous says:

    That's such a beautiful poem filled with much wisdom and joy. Lauren is a wonderful teenager blessed with a wonderful mother.
    I love you.


  2. Ah! That's so sweet and I'm quite impressed with you poetic skill! 🙂


  3. Sonja says:

    Beautiful poem! I can hardly believe Lauren is 13! I can remember when she was in my Sunday School Class, that couldn't have been 8 years ago! I'm thankful for the technology that allows me to “watch” your family from a distance! I miss y'all! Happy Birthday Lauren!


  4. Thank you, everyone! She had a great day. I'll try to share the details soon! Sonja, thank you. She loved SS then and still does. 🙂


  5. Kristy... says:

    The poems to your children are always so beautiful…. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!


  6. Kathy says:

    Very sweet!


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