Lauren’s 13th Birthday

Here are some photos from Lauren’s 13th birthday!

Her birthday sign on the school chalkboard. Leslie and Laci still had to do school, but Lauren and Mitch were off. 🙂
A surprise gift from Grandma and Granddad!
Reading the card.
Hmmm, something’s in there! Grandma made her a satchel, similar to Mitchell’s!
A compass! (She loves tromping through the woods.)
Ah! More! A pocketknife, trailmix and binoculars! I see a hike in her future. 😉
Her name is on the front. Thanks, Grandma! 🙂
Her cake. 

The decoration, once again, isn’t much. It’s a spinner with different words on it like kind, beautiful, sweet, cool, etc. The center says “You are” and then the arrow points to all the adjectives. She is everyone of those and more. ♥
Aunt Melanie knitted her this cute envelope purse! 

And, Mom and Dad gave her this MP3 player so she can listen to her favorite group, Southern Raised, whom she met at teen camp this summer. We also gave her one of her favorite candy bars. 🙂

Me & Lauren with her gifts.

Dad & Lauren 

To wrap up her first day as teenager, we were able to meet Nana for dinner in Arkadelphia. 

Her free ice cream sundae! Yummy!

The kids also cut up a bunch of construction paper for confetti and surprised her with it. (She had seen what they were up to, but she acted surprised.) 🙂 I was pleased that they thought of that on their own and did it. They all worked hard at thinking of something special to do for her.

Below is Lauren’s birthday song. Click play or go HERE.

Before I leave you, I wanted to share what is, in my opinion, the sweetest card ever written. Leslie came into our bedroom in her quiet way the night before Lauren’s birthday. She said she wanted to read us a card she’d written for Lauren. What she read, and perhaps enhanced by the way in which she read it, touched my heart. It brought tears to both my own and my husband’s eyes. I adjusted her spelling and punctuation to make a bit easier to read, after all, she’s only in second grade. 🙂  Here it is:

Dear Lauren, 
I wish you have a very good birthday. Please eat me a piece of cake. I’m sending this card to you because I truly love you, Lauren, and I can’t believe my eyes – you can’t already be 13! Please love me for this card, Lauren. How I wish I was you because you’re such a thrill to me. You are a wonderful girl, Lauren. 


She got out our craft book and made her this gift – it’s supposed to be a lighthouse surrounded by cardboard water, but we didn’t have the paint so she could make it look just right. (Bad, Mother!) She followed the directions for everything else and it really was cute, even without the paint. While it was full of color or even real water, it was full of love. Love that only a sister can have for another sister. I’m thankful I can witness this kind of love.


5 thoughts on “Lauren’s 13th Birthday

  1. Thanks for posting the photos and the video. I love the card that Leslie wrote for Lauren. She is an amazing little girl!

    P.S. Remind me to look at the pictures you take of me, or at least tell me not to “oversmile” and show such big teeth! LOL


  2. Blogger is going CRAZY so if you get this twice SORRY

    I was stopping by to say that we missed you.
    I am not on FB anymore so I miss your updates.
    I hope all is well. Looking forward to my blog roll showing an update soon 😀

    I also thought I commented on this post? but, blogger is wonky a lot for me.
    Anyway.. I love seeing all the pictures of your family


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