One month ago, my family and I were blessed with the opportunity to visit Canada! We got to see Ontario and Quebec. It was an amazing opportunity that I will cherish forever. On our way up, we were able to visit with my husband’s parents in Ohio and then stop off at Niagara Falls! We traveled 75 hours – round trip – in our van. All seven of us. It was a long, hard trip and I thank God for keeping us safe as we road 4,000 miles together. Here are a few photos of our visit in Canada and the falls. I have several photos of the falls, and I thought, “Why do I keep taking so many?” Then, I answered myself! It was because at every angle, I saw something new; a different type of beauty! I’m sorry if some appear redundant, I guess I was just shutter happy! 🙂  I hope to post about the rest of our trip at another time. Thanks for reading! I’d love to hear from you! (Read: Please leave me a comment!)  
Crossing the border at Niagara Falls, Ontario! We were very nervous to use our passport cards for the first time, but we made it! (Phew!)

The entrance to the park on the Canada side.
This is America! The large falls are called the American Falls, and that tiny spout of a waterfall is called Bridal Veil Falls. (It really does look like a bridal veil, doesn’t it?)

Meet Horseshoe Falls – the largest of the falls at Niagara. It was a bummer that the huge cloud of mist hung over the middle, preventing a good photo. It was truly amazing! I just marveled at God and His power! How can anyone deny a Creator? 

Lauren and Mitch at the Falls.

Matthew made me nervous! The rails were pretty close to the falls in some places, so we kept our eyes – and hands – on him! 

I watched these two pretty closely, too!

Lauren snapped one of me and my main man. ♥

Another of Horseshoe Falls. See that opening in the side? We all wished we’d had time to take the “Journey Behind the Falls” and see what that looked like up close! Unfortunately, we didn’t have the time or money for all of us to go. Maybe next time! 🙂

A partial view of Horseshoe Falls. 

Full view of Horseshoe Falls.

Looking away from Horseshoe Falls, you can see that building on the side of the cliff. We were told it was an old power station. It had grass growing on the roof!

The seagulls were everywhere and made lots of noise! They let us get extremely close before they flew off.

The bank down from Horseshoe Falls. 

This is how close you are to the falls on the Canadian side. I could have leaned down and put my hand in this water. And that white space on the upper left hand corner? Oh, that’s just a 175 foot drop. YIKES! My heart was pounding the entire time we were standing here! (It was so loud, too!)

Here’s a slightly different angle, right behind Horseshoe Falls. It was getting dark now, so the falls had an eerie look to them.

The whole gang at Niagra Falls! Yes, we are VERY close to the drop off here. (Sorry it’s kind of blurry.)

My camera isn’t spiffy enough (or I just don’t know how to operate it right) to get good night time pictures. This is the best one of the falls at night. It was beautiful! Huge lights from way above where we stood came on at 8:30 PM and shone on the magnificent waterfalls. They changed colors, too! At first, the Canadian falls were red and white, like their flag, and the American Falls were red, white and blue! Then they changed to orange, purple, blue, yellow, green, pink – it was gorgeous! I was in awe of God’s creation, and how man is able to subdue it! God is in everything, everywhere. He has graciously let man control His creation! There are not enough adjectives to describe how humbled and enthralled I was at this wonder of God’s handiwork.


7 thoughts on “Canada and Niagara Falls

  1. I loved it there the time I went. Did you go through Michigan when you went into Canada??
    I live *this* close to the border!

    I am glad you had the opportunity We plan to take our kids in the next couple of years!!!!!


  2. Kristy... says:

    Ugh that last comment was from Me (Kristy Jo) that was an old blog and I have No idea why I was signed into it.
    Anyway, the comment about living by the border was from me 🙂


  3. Anonymous says:

    It is magnificent just to see the photos! I can't imagine being there in person. What a wonderful opportunity! You all have memories to last a lifetime. There aren't enough words to praise our omnipotent God.


  4. Victoria says:

    What an awesome family adventure! I know someone elsoe who is on their way there for an upcoming marathon. I'd like to take my family there someday also. How much did it cost to get into the park? Did you need passports to go into Canada?


  5. Victoria, (I hope you see this)we did have to have passports for everyone in our family. We got the cards, which were cheaper, but can only be used to drive across a border. It cost $20 (American or Canadian) to enter the park.


  6. Laurie says:

    Looks like you had a fun trip. The Falls are beautiful. I really enjoyed looking at all of your pictures.
    Blessings Friend!


  7. Mrs. C says:

    75 hours…I get nauseous just thinking about it! 😉 Glad you guys were able to take such a memorable trip.


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