My daughter, Leslie, enjoys pretending. She likes playing with Barbie dolls and Littlest Pet Shop animals. She likes building with blocks, too.

Last Friday, my seven year old girl built some Bible stories with our blocks. The first one she made was the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego and the golden tower.

Babylon is on the left. The tower is on the far right. The blocks bent over (1 blue, 2 yellow and 3 red) are the people bowing. The three that are upright (one blue, one green and one red), are the three Hebrew boys, refusing to bow to the image. 
She built the above scene, but then had to get back to her school work. One thing we did after her work, was make angel paper dolls for Christmas. They’re the kind you cut out once, and then pull apart and they’re supposed to be all connected. Well…we sorta messed up! A few were connected, but not all of them. Leslie said she wanted to keep them; she said she had an idea…

It wasn’t long before I was ushered in to see her new masterpiece! I oohed and ahhed and snapped some pictures that I planned to share here, as I’m doing now. But now, my reasons for sharing are not just to show my daughter’s creativity for loved ones. It’s something more meaningful. {click on photos to enlarge}

She built “Heaven”! She used the angels we incorrectly cut out were now guarding the heavenly gates. Her sign says “Welcome to Heven” in yellow crayon.

Here’s the other side of “heaven”. A tiny paper Jesus is sitting upon His throne inside.

A close up of the sign.

A close up of Jesus. 
I told her she was so creative! I appreciated how well she’d listened to the Bible stories so she could depict these scenes. I couldn’t wait to get on here and share these photos for our family to see. Then, the unthinkable tragedy in Connecticut unfolded on the news. I began shedding tears for these precious moms and dads who had lost children the same ages as mine. I prayed for them, begging God from the depths of my soul to comfort and strengthen these families. Losing a father was hard, but a child? Oh my, I could only imagine. The dreams they will have, the memories, the “what might have been” moments…I’ve been there, but not for a child. I was overwhelmed with sorrow, but strong for my own family. In the wake of this news, I forgot about these block buildings.
Today, I remembered Leslie and her creations. “When did she do that?” I asked myself. I went to my camera, which records the date and time of the photos. She was building the heaven scene on Friday around 11 AM our time, or 12 PM EST. About one and half hours after these precious ones were escorted into heaven! I couldn’t believe the timing. I’m not saying it’s some kind of supernatural premonition or sign, but it did bring me comfort. It cheered my heart to see my own seven year old smiling about heaven, just as those twenty little ones are now doing. They are fine, they were so young, they are with the Lord. We who are still left in this sin-cursed world, grieve with all of our hearts. But we do have hope. Soon all believers will be called home, whether through death or the rapture. Are you ready? If you have questions, email me today or go HERE for more information.

As the song says, “Heaven’s sounding sweeter, all the time…” I’m glad I’m going there someday, and I hope you will be there, too.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Heaven

  1. How sweet. Heaven is sounding sweeter all the time… I too am praying for those families as I hug my young children just a little bit tighter.

    BTW Your seven year old reminds me a lot of my seven year old!


  2. Hi Carole! I sure wish they could meet and play together! 🙂


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