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I Want Everyone to Read the Bible {Giveaway}

It’s true. I really do want everyone, everywhere to read the Bible. Most of you already do. Some read it each and every day, without fail. Some read sporadically, a few times a week or even less. Some don’t read at all. Not because they don’t want to, they do! They just forget, or they are overwhelmed at the thought of where to begin.

Because I want everyone to read the Bible, I’m putting my money where my mouth is. I’ve purchased these lovely Bible reading schedules to give away, not to one person, but to many persons. Everyone! If you email me your address, I will gladly send you one of these schedules for free. That’s right. I’m buying one for each of you! The New Year is around the corner and this is the perfect time for you to begin!

These schedules have been my favorite ones to use, ever! It was the first schedule I used (with a different picture on the front) to read through the Bible when I was about twelve years old…before I was even saved! It’s made of slick paper and can be folded back to show the month you’re currently reading in. It gives readings in both the Old and New Testaments each day. It’s 3.5 by 5.38 inches, so it’s the perfect size for a bookmark! It’s also great to use as a straight edge for underlining.

So, no excuses in 2013! Let’s read God’s Word! Each and every day! You now have a plan, so set aside about 15-20 minutes a day (mornings are probably best) and open your Bible and READ it. Read about average men and women, the trials they endured, and the way God met their needs. Read His promises. Read His Gospel. Read about His miracles Read about Calvary. It’s all there, waiting. Drink of His Word – the Water that quenches your thirst forever; the Bread to sustain you. The Bible tells us how to get to Heaven, and how to be happy, and I want both for you.

I encourage you to email me your address today so I can mail you your schedule! Oh! And pass this post along. Thanks for reading here, now let’s go read God’s Word! 🙂

7 thoughts on “I Want Everyone to Read the Bible {Giveaway}

  1. I think this is amazing and I hope it catches on and many more will take this and do it also. Where do you get the reading schedules? I would love to buy some for my Quiet time ladies.


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