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I Love Their Smiles

It’s hard to believe that another week is almost over! We’ve been busy with school, and I’ve been back to my podiatrist about my torn tendon. The doctor has given me strong pain medication (which, thankfully, I don’t need right now) and has said I must continue to wear the “boot” at night. He said it will take another five to seven weeks for it to be “well”, and even after that I must be very careful. He has said I need to stay off of it as much as possible, so I try to rest it for a while after school each day. The kids and Terry have been so helpful during this time. I have also been fitted for special orthotic insoles for my shoes. I will get them in about three weeks. These should help correct other minor feet problems I’m having and prevent another tear to my injured tendon. I am so grateful for a husband who cares about my needs, even when they are rather costly. 
I have been experiencing the joys of being a woman, with many emotional ups and downs lately. I only have to look at the following pictures to feel better. I love the smiles of my children so very much. 
Lauren, with this week’s science experiment. She is growing a daffodil in a jar, seeing how it can thrive in an enclosed environment.

Leslie lost another tooth this week – the one on your right.
Matthew “read” to us while I was resting my foot. Notice, he’s using a book light. 🙂 
He’s expounding the text. Like father, like son.

You can see we were all enjoying it immensely!

This one is blurry, but I loved the girls’ expressions, especially Lauren’s,  as they watched their baby brother. It’s a blessing to see proof that my children love each other. Oh yes, we have our share of bickering, but love abounds above all.
And I just love to see them smile! 


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