Vintage Valerie

Vintage Valerie: A Trip North

In 2004, we took a trip to northeastern Missouri to candidate at a church. We didn’t travel too often in those days, so this trip was a big deal. This seems like a lifetime ago!
Here are Lauren and Mitch at the hotel. Lauren left that stuffed dog at a restaurant on this trip, and was brokenhearted. Terry drove back – 20 minutes out of the way – to save “Shadow”, much to Lauren’s relief.  We still have him, but he doesn’t look as good now as he did then. He’s been loved.

A young Terry preaching. We were so excited! 

While we were in the area, we went on over to visit Terry’s grandparents.This is the only digital photo I have of Terry’s Paw-Paw. I wanted to capture this moment in time: three generations of Bashams walking along this gravel ally in Humboldt, Illinois.

Outside of Terry’s grandparents’ house.

A tired girl headed home. Shadow and his owner are safe and sound.

I love this photo of my almost-two-year-old sleeping.

We didn’t get voted in to that church in Missouri, but God knew best. It was a painful rejection, but we had a good time being together as a family. In fact, we do that wherever we are.

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