My youngest girl has gotten into the habit of saying “Thank the Lord!” about everything. She is using the phrase sincerely, but I worried that it might become flippant. One night, after she said it, I was about to gently suggest that she use these words carefully. I was going to explain about taking God’s name in vain. As I was about to speak, she began quietly singing “I will never give up on Him…” It was her own “made up” song, about believing in Jesus and trusting Him. She was thankful for His help as she played her DS game! In my opinion, that was a trivial matter, surely she was being flippant! But then I stopped and thought a moment. I realized that my burdens probably seem trivial to others who face harder things, too! Her burden was real, to her. Her need for the Lord is real and genuine. I did later explain about the importance of never using God’s precious name irreverently, but at that moment, I just sat and listened to her song.

I took that opportunity to meditate upon that thought, that I should never give up on Him. You see, sometimes, I do! I give up believing that He will help me or bless me. I begin to think that He is far away and unconcerned with my life, after all, there are multitudes who are facing more difficult problems than I! But the truth is, He does care. He will meet my needs and ease my burdens in His time, not mine.

The question is, will I give up on Him? I shouldn’t because He will never give up on me.

3 thoughts on “Never Give Up on Him

  1. Beautiful lesson once again from our kids. They are the teachers so often huh? This will stay with me all day, I can feel it. Thanks for sharing it with us Valerie.


  2. Yes, they teach me a lot. 🙂 Thank you!


  3. Kristy... says:

    What a great post. I think you are right… to her help with her DS game WAS important… what a sweet girl.


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