A few of the kids enjoying our new backyard.

Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. ~ John 14:27

Moving is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Perhaps the only the harder is pregnancy and childbirth! 🙂 My family and I have just completed our ninth move. One thing I’ve learned after all of the moves, is that men and women handle it differently. Every move we’ve made in the last fifteen years has been for my husband’s job, or calling; for the ministry. My husband is excited about moving and starting a new work. He loves exploring new church buildings and getting the lay of the new land. He loves meeting the new people. He just loves his work. I am called to the ministry, also, but in a different way. I do not get up and preach, but I am a support behind the scenes. I keep the home fires burning and food on the table. I wash kids’ faces and listen to them read. I fellowship with folks at church and assist them in ways that my husband cannot. We are a team.

But since my husband  is, after all, a man, he is able to jump right into his new job and become immersed quicker than I can. I’m easily bogged down with “mom” type worries: Where is a good doctor? Where is the pharmacy? Does everyone have our new address? And so forth. After the initial settling in is over, comes the ocean of emotion washing over me:

I don’t know my way around!
I miss my friends!
Where’s the toilet paper in this Walmart?
Do the people like me?
Where is my can opener?

Where’s my rut? 

That about sums it up! I want the rut! The very thing I often complained of, is that which I now miss the most. I miss getting up and knowing right where the bowls were. I miss knowing where I stored the crib sheets (or whatever!). I miss the smooth flow with which I could cook a meal in my old home. I miss the neighbor boy who could feed our dog when were away. I miss the familiar faces in our old town. I miss going for a drive and not being afraid of getting lost. I miss my hairdresser, my post office and even the tiny library we used for five years.

There is definitely an emotional toll to moving. I think it’s one of Newton’s Laws of the Universe: “when a woman re-locates, it causes stress, tears and weight gain.” Okay, so it’s not a law of the universe, it just feels like one! Through all the ups and downs and ins and outs of starting over in a new place, I find great comfort from the One Who has gone before me. My Savior has walked this road ahead of me, and He is with me in my transitions, both physical and emotional.

Even if I had stayed put in one town my entire life, I would still be making transitions. I would be moving from one phase of life to the next. Going from newlyweds, to our first baby, to our second, third, fourth, and fifth babies, to seeing them enter the teen years and move out one by one, to being just the two of us again is a lot of change! Up, down, in, out, around, under are words to describe life’s exciting seasons! I’m thankful that the Lord is with me through those, too. He is here helping me adjust to my new house and town and He is here helping me adjust to the changing seasons of life. He is telling me, as the verse above says, that He brings me peace, and my heart should not be troubled. I will trust Him when everything around me is screaming otherwise. I must make the effort to keep my eyes on His word and my hope in His promises. He alone can calm that raging ocean of emotion inside of me and make the waters as smooth as glass.


4 thoughts on “The Ocean of Emotion

  1. Anonymous says:

    I can in no way relate to moving nine times or rearing five children, but I do have enough experience to know that they are BIG things! I stand in awe of all that you do and do so well. I thank God for the many gifts He has given you and the power He supplies. You are amazing, and we serve an amazing omnipotent God.
    I love you.


  2. Kristy... says:

    We have moved 4 times in our ten years.. tho always in the same area. I often dream of moving away to a new place with new faces and places. I long for it often actually but, I feel like I would be similar to you once I was there and trying to settle. I would also miss my rut (and family)
    This doesn't stop my longing and, if we could we would be gone moved to a different place in our state. But, our house won't sell and so, we are here till the Lord opens a door for our moving.
    You will do great. I can't imagine anyone not liking you and soon, the rut will come again…


  3. Thanks for the encouragement, Kristy. I've been the same way in the past, longing for a change, but liking the comfort of the familiar! 🙂


  4. Thank you, Mother. I love you!


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