My middle child, Leslie, had to get new sneakers this week. She had worn out her favorite shoes – some Skechers Twinkle Toes that my mom bought her one year ago. That’s right, these shoes lasted her a year! Knowing how fast kids grow, I was amazed! When she first got these “Twinkle Toes”, the lights on them were so bright, that if they went off in our van at night while driving, we thought a police car was passing with its lights on! In recent days their lights had dimmed though.

And they were getting a little tattered.
Okay, they were getting a lot tattered.

But you can’t just throw away your favorite shoes without a picture or two.
I just wanted to show Nana how long those shoes lasted and how much a little girl loved them.


One thought on “Favorite Shoes

  1. Anonymous says:

    That is a blessing! Thank you for posting this. I, too, am surprised she could wear them for that long. Give my love to the soon-to-be-older Leslie.
    I love you.


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