I shared the following video on my blog many moons ago. It has been a while since I’ve viewed it. This past Sunday, our Sunday school teacher shared this in our class and it stirred me to tears once more. Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to go out with some of our church family to pass out tracts and witness. I felt like I didn’t accomplish much. I even twisted my ankle in a pot hole and fell flat on my face. I skinned my hands, bruised my knees and cut my chin – and all of this in front of folks working in their yards! Talk about humiliation!

Then, on Sunday, I dragged my aching body to church and this video was shown. On Saturday, I didn’t feel like I did much, but this video reminded me that feelings are flimsy things. They cannot be trusted. The truth is, we will not know till we arrive in Heaven what impact our lives and witness have had for Christ. We must keep going, keep witnessing and keep looking up!

Here’s the story of Mr. Genor, who was blessed to find out what impact he had for Christ before he entered glory. It encouraged me, and I hope it will do the same for you, too


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