So much has been happening in our lives since we moved to Lawton, Oklahoma. So many wonderful things! This past week, I was very sick with a cough and head cold. I barely managed to keep food on the table and the clothes washed, much less blog. I appreciate your patience! I am feeling so much better and hope to be able to catch things up around here soon. 
Today, I wanted to share that our fifth blessing turned three years old! He is such a joy to us. He constantly amazes me at the things he notices. This morning, he saw his sister, Laci, in her church dress and asked seriously, “Is she a princess?” He saw a fly recently and asked me to get the “killing flag”, AKA, the fly swatter! 🙂 He loves to help dad work on things around the house. He likes to help me cook and fold towels. He knows lots of shapes and colors, too. I think his favorite thing is snuggling with me at night before bed. I know that it’s my favorite thing! 🙂 In fact, we were both feeling kinda sick this last week, so we spent a lot of time snuggling. 
We took the family out to eat Chinese for lunch today. Here’s Matthew with his tiny ice cream cone! 
My little guy loves Scooby Doo! 

I love his face here. 

He blew them out with one try!

He loved getting a CAT bulldozer! 
He now has his own tool set to help dad work on things! He said “Thank you!” as soon as he opened his gifts. 

Oh boy!
Our sweet church family absolutely showered him with gifts today, which was a huge surprise! I didn’t get his picture with all of the treasures, but he got the Chutes & Ladders game, a play golf set, a tractor, a Curious George DVD, cars, a book, and $30 cash from folks in our church! He also received money and cards from family far away. God has blessed Matthew so much today! Actually, He has blessed all of us. 
Happy birthday to the sweetest three year old around! I love you, Matthew Ron! Your papa would be very proud of his namesake. 🙂


One thought on “Yippee! Matthew is Three!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love the pictures!!!!

    Miss you!!


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