First Day of School {2013}

I am so behind on updating our friends and family about our lives! It has been quite busy lately with school starting on August 12 (yes, that long ago!), our new Sunday school format beginning on September 1 and my regular homemaking duties.

We are now in our fifth week of school, which is really hard to believe. So far, we are finding our rhythm, but it’s been slow going. This is my first time to homeschool in this house, so I’m having to adjust as I go along. Here are some photos of the first day:

My school age children on our first day, August 12, 2013. They are getting so big! 
Lauren – a Freshman! My first high schooler. *sniff sniff*



Another shot of Laci – I didn’t realize when I took the outdoor shots that her hair was in her eyes!

Lauren jumped right into science by doing an experiment on her first day! I’m glad to see she’s wearing her safety goggles. (So cute!)
Turning copper wire green using some kind of chemical reaction.
(I should let her share that part since I’m clueless. What? I don’t have to know the answer. I’m just the teacher!) 😉 
It worked!

I will do my best to share more very soon, especially about the subjects and curriculum we’re using this year.
Thank you for your patience! 🙂


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