This is our family’s first experience with soccer. All five kids are involved, even our three year old! Matthew hasn’t been doing too much with it. He’s shy and younger than the other kids on his team, who are a whopping four years of age. 😉 Here are some photos of our soccer players.

All ready to go on the first day!
Matt with his own little soccer ball. He was nervous.
He finally – when it was almost over – tried to kick the ball a bit.
Laci had her first “real” game, against other kids on her team, last Thursday. They scrimmage every week, but this game had a ref and an audience. 🙂 I enjoyed snapping some photos of her playing. She gave it her all and did her best. She is prone to be bossy, so this team effort is helping her learn to listen better and work with others. I was proud of how hard she played. 
She started out as defender. 

She stopped the gray team from scoring!! 

She’s on the far left, running. And, I think she should have gotten a foul! lol!

Some footwork as she goes for a goal. She almost scored!

Running hard!

 She also played as goalie, midfielder, and forward. 
I don’t know if I got photos of each position. When she was goalie, she basically just stood there. lol
 I love this one! 🙂 

Can you tell they won? 🙂 You would think it was the World Cup by this expression! 
Leslie and Mitchell have a game next week, so I will have more photos then. Matthew also had a game the day Laci did, but he was too tired to play. Our practices are during his normal nap time.
Thanks for reading! 


2 thoughts on “Soccer {Autumn 2013}

  1. Carole says:

    So cute! LOVE the last picture! Christopher started soccer (football here) several weeks ago, and now all the kids want to go out for it. Lots of fun and great exercise!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Yea, Laci! You can tell from the facial expressions and the red cheeks that she was giving it her best effort. Obviously, she did well since they won. You shot some great photos. I am amazed that you could capture such good moments.


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