Leslie’s first science project, the solar system.

We are finishing up our ninth week of school and I’m just now sharing our plans for the year! Oops! Blogging and I have not been meeting up too often since our move. In case anyone is interested, I thought I’d share what we’re doing this year. Since we are well underway with our year, I can also let you know how it’s going! 🙂

Lauren, 9th Grade

Algebra I – Saxon and DIVE. We really, truly love Dr. Shoreman! Lauren is having a much easier time with Algebra than I did, and I’m so glad! We began with Saxon last year and Lauren’s test scores in math increased after using Saxon.

Literature – Abeka‘s Themes in Literature; various library books. She reads about three books each week.

Writing – We are using materials from the Institute for Excellence in Writing, thanks to my friend, Stephanie A. for telling me about it! I am doing this with both Lauren and Mitchell. This is a very in-depth program which required my doing a nine hour seminar over the summer. I am not teaching it as well as the creator of the program does on the DVDs, but I’m doing okay. Her grammar and spelling are being taught through all of her writing assignments.

Geography – Abeka. This course includes map study and a study of different cultures. It’s been interesting and mildly challenging.

Science – Apologia’s Physical Science. Lauren would say this course is “ok”. It is work! There are experiments, and each one requires a lab report. The notebook journal has questions to answer and other activities. I love the fact she isn’t just “reading” science, but “seeing” it, too.

Bible – Alpha-Omega LifePacs. This was a bit harder than she anticipated, but she has adjusted and is doing well with it.

PE – Volleyball and Soccer through our homeschool group.

Mitchell, 6th Grade

Math – Saxon 7/6 DIVE. Last year after using Saxon, Mitch’s math score on the Arkansas standardized achievement test increased by three grades! He is using DIVE for the first time this year, mostly to free up more of my time, and he seems to enjoy it.

History – Alpha Omega LifePacs. He hates it, but he’s doing okay with it. I’m not too happy with it, either. There are several questions where the answers are not in the book, they are more “state your thoughts” type questions. I would prefer a more direct approach for a 6th grader, but we are making it work.

Science – Apologia Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics. This is a new book that was just released in September. We are liking it, or rather, Mitch is liking it. With all of my other teaching, he is reading it and doing the experiments on his own. I am nearby to make sure he doesn’t get hurt or break anything. And to take pictures, which I hope to share soon!

Grammar – Easy Grammar, grade 6 and Daily Grams. We love this program! This is our third year to use it.

Writing – He is doing the Institute for Excellence in Writing also, as I mentioned earlier.

Bible – Alpha Omega LifePacs. It’s just as challenging for him as the history.

Vocabulary/Spelling/Poetry – Abeka

Reading – Abeka Literature for 6th grade and library books

PE – Soccer

Music – Piano lessons. He is able to take lessons from a professional teacher, as well as our professional church pianist! One is teaching classical, the other is helping him with his hymn playing. One thing is certain: God has given him a talent in this area, and we pray he will return it to the Lord always.

Leslie, 3rd Grade

Math – Saxon Third Grade Intermediate. This has been a good transition into using Saxon materials. There are fewer lessons in this book than the other books (4th grade – 8th grade), but it seems to be just right. I love the way Saxon reviews constantly. They are using lots of money as learning tools, so I did invest in some play money for that purpose. Already I’ve seen some improvement in her math skills!

Grammar – Easy Grammar, grade 3. I taught the preposition unit first, but I then skipped over to nouns and now we are on verbs. The book is set up to teach prepositions first, assuming that the student knows nouns and verbs and direct objects from the beginning. Leslie hasn’t learned any of that yet, so I’m having to do some jumping around. It won’t be long till she will be able to move straight through the book, though. The lessons are manageable and I LOVE the way Dr. Phillips explains linking verbs!

Reading – Abeka 3rd grade readers, library books and read aloud selections with mom.

Writing – Abeka penmanship

Spelling/Vocab/Poetry – Abeka, Grade 3

Science – Apologia Astronomy. She is enjoying using the junior notebook with this program. I read the textbook pages to her, then she does the notebook pages and experiments. It’s been really fun.

History – Abeka, Grade 3

Bible – ACE Bible Reading Paces for 3rd grade.

PE – soccer

She is also hoping to join the knitting class in our co-op in January.

Laci, 1st Grade

We are using Abeka for all of Laci’s subjects. She is my fourth child to teach to read, write and do simple math, so I am using what I’ve used for the other three – Abeka. I am *very* familiar with their phonics program. I have all the visuals for math and phonics and I want to get as much use out of them as I can.

She is doing Arithmetic 1, the Abeka readers for grade 1, Spelling and Poetry 1 and Cursive penmanship for grade 1. She is doing well, and doing it all in her own unique “Laci” way! 🙂  She loves drawing, painting, putting on “shows” (plays) and playing soccer.

This is a brand new year for us! I am in my tenth year of homeschooling, but my first year to homeschool in Oklahoma. It’s been a challenge for me to adjust to our new house and town. It’s been a big change to have so many extra-curricular activities to put in the schedule, but somehow it’s all working out. I am so thankful for the Lawton Christian Home Educator’s support group. Our children are getting to participate in activities that I didn’t think would ever be available for us as homeschoolers. I never spent much time worrying about it, because we were content just having each other, but it is a huge bonus! 🙂

And as always, I find myself learning more than the children. No, not math or English, but lessons like patience, love, forgiveness and mercy. I am learning how much I need His help, and that He is enough to meet every need of my heart and life.


One thought on “School Plans for 2013-2014

  1. Anonymous says:

    I enjoyed reading the summaries of each child's educational program. They (and you) have full schedules, but it all sounds exciting. I'm sure they love doing the science experiments, and doing so will help them remember the material better. I admire your hard work and theirs!
    I love you.


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