I love words. I’m not as good with them as I’d like to be, but I plan on pursuing them for as long as I live. God has allowed me to have access to an unlimited number of books to read. He has allowed me to have this blog for over six years which I lovingly fill with words as often as I can. I have also been privileged to be published in two different homeschooling magazines, and various and sundry other “little” places. But it doesn’t matter where I write or what I read that is important to me, the words are my passion. I’m even trying to learn a new language – ah yes! A whole new world of words! 🙂

I subscribe to a “word of the day” email. Everyday someone, somewhere sends me (and a few hundred thousand others, no doubt) an interesting vocabulary word with its definition, pronunciation and usage. It’s a lot of fun! Someday, maybe I can actually use one of them in real life! 🙂 As I read over my word email today after reading my Bible, the Word of God, a thought hit me. What if I picked a word of the day from the Word of God? What if on one day, I decided to focus on “love”, for instance? I need to love God with all my heart, mind and soul, which can only be done through His help. I need to show His love to others around me: my family, friends, church family, cashiers, mailman, bank tellers and on and on! I would be busy with just that. What if I chose “forgiveness” another day? When that offense from years ago came to mind, I would be reminded to forgive. When Satan brought up that sin from long ago, or the one from not-so-long-ago, I could recall that I am forgiven. When my husband snaps at me or the kids gripe, I could remember to forgive them right away, not to hold a grudge. The words are endless! There’s grace, mercy, meekness (yeah, I really need that one!), gentleness, peace, truth, virtue, kindness, holiness, discretion, perseverance, diligence, goodness, faith, strength, joy, knowledge, understanding, courage, patience, prayer, singing, humility- and the list is as long as the Bible itself!

I love words, and to be honest, I love my own words a lot. Why else would I talk and write so much? I am disappointed in myself to see that, really, I am often more passionate about my own words than those of God’s Word. I want to strive to keep HIS words first in my mind, and value them more than any others.


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