I feel like I’ve been sharing bits and pieces of my life with you and somehow got stopped mid-story. Where was I in all of my catching-up? I *think* I was about to share a few photos of my mom’s visit with us at…ahem…Christmas. Yes, (gulp) I know I’m behind. In my defense, life has been exceedingly hectic. As opposed to just normal hectic. Visitors, missions conference, school, Sunday school, outreach and more has dominated my life in recent days. I’m enjoying spending time cuddling with my kids and sipping coffee whenever I have a free minute.  I will never regret falling behind on my blog, but I will regret missing tender moments with my kiddos – who lately seemed to have gulped down some Miracle Grow! 😉

Without further ado, here are some photos of my mom’s visit back in December and early January. She was here for only a few days, but we valued each minute. She got to see our home and church for the first time, and of course the kids dominated much of her time. She enjoyed reading Flat Stanley to them all and decorating some gingerbread houses with them.


A sweet lady in our church gave us some gingerbread men decorating kits, as well as some gingerbread houses! Grandma Kathy decorated the gingerbread men with the kids when she was here, and my mom made the houses. They had a great time.


The girls were very proud!


Mitchell used some of his Christmas money to buy a house to decorate on his own. He got it on clearance and had a lot of fun with it.


I really liked the little flower pots he put by the front door!


And his icicles! We have the real thing hanging from the eves right now! Brrr! (I love it!)


We took a few photos by the tree before she left.

me&mom t&kids

I am so grateful for the opportunity to see my mom. She my hero and my favorite lady in the world! I miss her.

I apologize for being AWOL lately. When I don’t have time to update here, I do try to still post on my Facebook page. I am hoping I can post more regularly in the future. Thank you so much for reading!


6 thoughts on “Let’s See…Where Was I?

  1. Valerie, it is so good to see your Mom…..just as beautiful as ever! You have a beautiful family as well!!


    1. Thank you so much, Becky! 🙂


  2. Melanie Pledger says:

    Love the pictures!!!


    1. Thanks, Melanie! Love you!


  3. Carolyn Courtney says:

    Great memories! I had so much fun, and I miss you all very much.


    1. We miss you, too! Everyday.


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