Right before Christmas, we got a good dousing of sleet and ice. We were thankful that it wasn’t enough to stop the traffic and threaten power outages like we experienced in late November and early December. It was, however, just enough to make everything gorgeous.




This tree had long, icy fingers.


These bare, frozen bushes reminded me of a glass forest.


This bush still had some green leaves, each one encased in its own little ice tomb.


A dormant tree shrouded in ice against a bleak sky. It would have been depressing if hadn’t all been so beautiful!

The next morning the sun shone brightly, slowly melting away our ice-land. It was stunning to see the millions of sparkles! It was as though the Lord had showered the barren world with billions of sequins as if to say, “You think winter is ugly? Take a look at my creation now.” It was something to behold. I am constantly in awe of God’s creation. And, as my husband reminded me, it’s all just flood damage!

With love,


One thought on “Ice Storm

  1. Carolyn Courtney says:

    Those photos are fantastic! You and your camera are doing a great job. Even though the ice can pose problems, I agree that it creates a marvelous array of crystal creations.


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