Back in July, (remember, I said I was very behind in posting!) we began trying to fix up the flower bed in the front yard. It led to my getting a nasty case of poison oak. I knew to watch out for poison ivy, because I’d gotten a severe case of that after we moved to Arkansas. But, I mistook the little oak leaves in my flower bed for baby oak trees…oops.

Here are a few photos of my agony. I hope they aren’t too graphic.

 If you are concerned, please stop reading now.

After seeking medical attention (a shot and a round of steroids), it improved greatly in a week, and was completely gone in about three weeks.

And the flower bed? Well, thanks to my husband and children, it has made some progress. The following photos were taken in July, before the poison oak outbreak. As you can see, it was a mess!

Terry and Mitch removed the usable mulch and stored it in old plastic containers. Then, Terry dug out some of the dead plants and sprayed it with Round Up. After that, he and the kids covered it all with plastic.

After it was all covered, he replaced the good mulch and bought 15 bags of fresh mulch.

The finished product! So much cleaner and neater! I know, it’s not pretty, but that will have to wait until spring. I hope to add some periwinkle and maybe a few other things when the weather is warmer…and when I’m sure that the poison oak is gone. At least now I know to watch out for it! This view is looking toward the house.

Here’s the view looking toward the street. Terry is very proud. 🙂 Now, I need to work on the beds around the house! Oh boy.


6 thoughts on “My Flower Bed and Poison Oak

  1. So glad ur arm felt better! Ouch! And ur flower bed looks SO nice! 🙂


  2. Carole says:

    Ouch! That looks awful! As a child I would get poison ivy terrible every single summer until my family moved to Maine. Horrible stuff! 😦 The flower bed looks great, though! 🙂


  3. Anonymous says:

    I'm so glad that the poison oak is behind you! It looks awful. You have all worked very hard on the flower bed. It looks huge. I think I would have been tempted to change a big portion of it into grass so my husband could mow it, and I would only have to deal with a small flower bed. Of course, you know I don't do much to care for the shrubs and flowers I have around my house. I don't have a green thumb. :o)


  4. Thank you! 🙂


  5. It was very bad. I've had poison ivy a lot, but these last two outbreaks have been terrible. Must be that I'm older now. 😉


  6. Thank you! The flower bed is bordered with large stones that are set in concrete, otherwise, we would have.


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