I just wanted to share the photos of Terry’s office, now that it’s complete! There are still a few odds and ends to take care of, like adding some more decorations and cleaning up, but this is what it now looks like:


The finished shelves!


I was laughing so much when I snapped these photos of him, that I didn’t realize his eyes were closed! He was really cracking me up. 🙂


This is the view from his desk. We want to get his Spurgeon portrait framed.


This is the completed pass-through to the conference room. He will have more shelves and filing cabinets in here later.


Here’s the completed conference room, looking from the pass-through.


This is a photo of his old office, which was upstairs. I did like that this office had a window. I love natural light.


It looks like a bomb went off after all of the moving! If, in the future, he gets an associate pastor, his office will be here. I promise we’ll clean it up first. 😉

2014-02-17This is why I was laughing so hard! He’s crazy. I just love him.

The downstairs portion of our renovation is now complete! (Hallelujah!) Phase two, the upstairs, and our new sign are next on the agenda. Stay tuned! 🙂



4 thoughts on “The Finished Product

  1. Carole says:

    Very Nice!


    1. Thank you, Carole! 🙂


  2. Carolyn Courtney says:

    Terry did a great job on the shelves. He will now have a convenient, spacious work and meeting area. I’m glad to see you could use the wall decorations I gave you.


    1. Yes, we are happy to have it all done. I was glad he could use Dad’s decorations, too. I think they look good there.


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